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NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

About NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

NEOM, the ambitious mega-city project in Saudi Arabia, has been generating significant interest and attention worldwide. With its groundbreaking vision and innovative approach, NEOM aims to become a global hub for various sectors, offering numerous NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia. This transformative initiative envisions the development of a cutting-edge city spanning across the borders of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, with an emphasis on sustainability, technology, and economic diversification.

NEOM’s strategic location and vast resources make it an ideal destination for investment and job opportunities. The project aims to attract talent from around the world, creating a multicultural environment and fostering innovation and collaboration. NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia span across diverse sectors such as technology, renewable energy, tourism, healthcare, entertainment, and more. As NEOM grows, the demand for skilled professionals is expected to rise, offering a plethora of career prospects for both local and international job seekers.

One of the key objectives of NEOM is to provide sustainable employment opportunities for the Saudi Arabian population. By promoting economic diversification, NEOM aims to reduce the country’s reliance on oil revenues and create a knowledge-based economy. NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, offering a wide range of employment options across various skill levels and sectors. Whether it’s working in research and development laboratories, designing sustainable infrastructure, or creating innovative startups, NEOM presents a plethora of exciting career paths.

NEOM’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its focus on renewable energy and environmental conservation. As a city powered entirely by renewable sources, NEOM aims to become a global leader in clean energy production and research. This ambitious goal opens up vast opportunities for NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy sector, ranging from engineering and construction to research and development. With its commitment to sustainable practices, NEOM is not only attracting job seekers interested in a greener future but also facilitating the transition towards a more sustainable world.

The NEOM project has garnered significant attention from global investors and companies, resulting in partnerships with leading organizations from various industries. These collaborations are expected to fuel job creation in NEOM, as companies establish their presence in the city and tap into its vast potential. The influx of international businesses will create a demand for skilled professionals across different domains, boosting employment opportunities for both Saudi Arabian citizens and expatriates looking to contribute to NEOM’s growth.

In addition to its economic and technological advancements, NEOM aims to provide a high quality of life for its residents. The city will boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene. This comprehensive development plan opens up a wide array of NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia’s service sector, including hospitality, education, healthcare, arts, and recreation. The city’s holistic approach to living will attract professionals seeking an unparalleled work-life balance, making NEOM an attractive destination for job seekers around the globe.

In conclusion, NEOM’s visionary approach, emphasis on sustainability, and commitment to economic diversification position it as a hub for exciting job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. The project’s focus on cutting-edge technology, renewable energy, and a high quality of life creates a diverse range of NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia’s sectors, including technology, renewable energy, tourism, healthcare, and more. As NEOM continues to grow and attract global attention, it presents a multitude of career prospects for individuals looking to be a part of a transformative project that is shaping the future of Saudi Arabia and the world.

NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Job Description – NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

A career at NEOM offers far more than a mere occupation; it presents an opportunity to actualize your professional aspirations and personal ambitions, transforming them into a tangible reality.

NEOM is a futuristic city project located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Given its ambitious goals and innovative approach to development, NEOM offers a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors. While specific job descriptions may vary, here’s a general overview of potential positions you might find at NEOM:

  1. Urban Planning and Architecture: NEOM aims to be a model for future cities, so urban planners and architects play a crucial role in designing sustainable and innovative infrastructure, buildings, and public spaces.
  2. Engineering: Engineers are needed in various disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and environmental to oversee the construction and maintenance of infrastructure and utilities.
  3. Technology and Innovation: NEOM prioritizes technological advancements and innovation. Therefore, roles in technology development, research, and implementation are essential, including positions in IT, cybersecurity, AI, and renewable energy.
  4. Sustainability and Environmental Management: With a focus on sustainability, NEOM requires professionals specializing in environmental science, sustainable development, renewable energy, and conservation to ensure the city’s long-term ecological balance.
  5. Healthcare: As a city of the future, NEOM emphasizes cutting-edge healthcare services. Thus, healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, researchers, and administrators are needed to establish and operate world-class medical facilities.
  6. Education and Research: NEOM aims to become a hub for education and research, so educators, academics, and researchers are needed to develop institutions and programs focusing on various disciplines including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
  7. Hospitality and Tourism: With plans for luxury resorts and attractions, NEOM offers opportunities in hospitality management, tourism development, event planning, and customer service.
  8. Business and Administration: Various administrative roles are required to support the city’s operations, including finance, human resources, legal, marketing, and public relations.
  9. Construction and Project Management: NEOM’s development involves extensive construction projects, so professionals in construction management, project planning, and logistics are essential to ensure projects are completed efficiently and safely.
  10. Security and Law Enforcement: Maintaining safety and security is paramount in any city, so roles in law enforcement, emergency services, and security management are crucial to protect NEOM and its residents.

List of NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia

No. Job Title
01 All Job Categories Direct Apply
02 All Construction Jobs  Direct Apply
03 All Hospitality Sector Jobs  Direct Apply
04 All Finance / Accounting Sector Jobs  Direct Apply
05 All IT Sector Jobs  Direct Apply
06 All Education Sector Jobs  Direct Apply

Design Specialist

 Direct Apply
08 IT PMO Manager  Direct Apply
09 Quality, Health, Safety, And Environmental  Direct Apply
10 MYP/DP Visual And Performing Arts  Direct Apply
11 DP Mathematics Teacher  Direct Apply
12 MYP/DP Visual Art Teacher  Direct Apply
13 Senior Project Manager  Direct Apply
14 Senior Design Manager  Direct Apply
15 MYP/DP English Language Acquisition Teacher  Direct Apply
16 Yachting Sector Strategy Implementation  Direct Apply
17 Contracts And Procurement Lead  Direct Apply
18 Development Manager  Direct Apply
19 Head Of GRC  Direct Apply
20 PHS Health And Safety & Environment Lead  Direct Apply
21 Sr. Commercial Manager  Direct Apply
22 Commercial Manager  Direct Apply
23 Development Director – Vision, Viability & Placemaking  Direct Apply
24 Director Roads & Infrastructure Development  Direct Apply
25 Professional Customer Experience  Direct Apply
26 Development Manager  Direct Apply
27 Development Director  Direct Apply
28 Senior Manager Testing And Commissioning Reporting And Data  Direct Apply
29 Health System Design Manager  Direct Apply
30 Technical Services Senior Manager  Direct Apply
31 Soft Services Senior Manager  Direct Apply
32 Catering Senior Manager  Direct Apply
33 Senior Specialist – ERM & Insurance  Direct Apply
34 Compliance & Data Governance Manager  Direct Apply
35 Internal & Financial Controls Manager  Direct Apply
36 Administration Senior Manager  Direct Apply
37 Manager, Software Engineer  Direct Apply
38 Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure Operation  Direct Apply
39 Senior Manager, Data Science & Engineering  Direct Apply
40 Senior Contract Administrator  Direct Apply
41 Corporate Security Investigator  Direct Apply
42 Cost Planning Director  Direct Apply
43 Utilities Director  Direct Apply
44 Equipment Manager – Media  Direct Apply
45 Manager – Offensive Cybersecurity  Direct Apply
46 Marine Infrastructure Senior Manager  Direct Apply
47 Procurement Manager  Direct Apply
48 Procurement Specialist  Direct Apply
49 Procurement Lead  Direct Apply
50 Board Relation PMO Specialist  Direct Apply
51 Senior Manager – Strategic Procurement  Direct Apply
52 Health & Safety Director, Trojena  Direct Apply
53 Senior HR Data Analytics Specialist  Direct Apply
54 Senior Manager – Cost Commercial  Direct Apply
55 Senior Manager Field Testing And Commissioning  Direct Apply
56 Senior Civil Engineer  Direct Apply
57 Senior Geotechnical Engineer  Direct Apply
58 Education Services Manager  Direct Apply
59 Senior Communications Specialist  Direct Apply
60 Communications Manager  Direct Apply
61 Communications Senior Manager  Direct Apply
62 Director – Yachting Ecosystem  Direct Apply
63 Senior Manager, Health Statistics  Direct Apply
64 Senior Manager, Environment & Land Use Statistics  Direct Apply
65 Senior Manager, Econometric Forecasting & Modelling  Direct Apply
66 Senior Manager, Demographic Forecasting & Predictive Analytics  Direct Apply
67 Senior Manager, Data Visualization & GIS  Direct Apply
68 Asset Project Lead – Civil  Direct Apply
69 Asset Project Lead – MEP  Direct Apply
70 Senior Manager Asset Delivery  Direct Apply
71 Environmental Manager  Direct Apply
72 Module Delivery Director  Direct Apply
73 Investment & International Trade Statistics Manager  Direct Apply
74 Resources Management Analyst  Direct Apply
75 Sr. Manager, Planning Governance  Direct Apply
76 Strategy Delivery Director  Direct Apply
77 Project Reporting And Data Analytics Manager  Direct Apply
78 Design Manager  Direct Apply
79 Portfolio Management Senior Manager  Direct Apply
80 Executive Director Water Utility  Direct Apply
81 Senior Executive Director Corporate Affairs  Direct Apply
82 Environmental Assessment Manager  Direct Apply
83 Client Services Director  Direct Apply
84 Consolidations Manager  Direct Apply
85 Lead Architect Transmission Network  Direct Apply
86 Research Scientist (OSSARI)  Direct Apply
87 Lead Rewilding  Direct Apply
88 Senior Network Infrastructure Architect  Direct Apply
89 Accounting Manager  Direct Apply
90 Human Capital Operations Manager  Direct Apply
91 Onboarding Specialist  Direct Apply
92 Senior Construction Manager  Direct Apply
93 Head Of Procurement – Topian  Direct Apply
94 Manager – Logistics ( Regulatory Role)  Direct Apply
95 Heritage Content Manager  Direct Apply
96 Principal Investigator (HeFARI)  Direct Apply
97 Senior Manager ERIF Partnerships  Direct Apply
98 Business And Operations Manager  Direct Apply
99 PCF Senior Manager  Direct Apply
100 TDC Lead For ITGC  Direct Apply
101 Capital Projects SA  Direct Apply
102 Master Planning Lead  Direct Apply
103 Marketing And Communications Director  Direct Apply
104 Asset Development Lead  Direct Apply
105 Insurance Contracts Manager  Direct Apply
106 Research Scientist (OSSARI)  Direct Apply
107 Senior Manager, Business Development – Novel Foods  Direct Apply
108 Director Novel Foods  Direct Apply
109 Investment Director  Direct Apply
110 Treasury Associate  Direct Apply
111 Investment Director  Direct Apply
112 Risk Director  Direct Apply
113 Ferry Terminal Services Professional  Direct Apply
114 Senior Manager Agricultural Projects  Direct Apply
115 Director Of Partnership  Direct Apply
116 Investment Director  Direct Apply
117 Marketing Communication Director  Direct Apply
118 Marine Project Management Lead  Direct Apply
119 Senior Manager – Robotics & Automation  Direct Apply
120 Marine Engineer  Direct Apply
121 ERP Subject Matter Expert  Direct Apply
122 MYP/DP Music And Drama Teacher  Direct Apply
123 MYP Design Teacher  Direct Apply
124 MYP Language & Literature Teacher (English)  Direct Apply
125 DP Language & Literature Teacher (English)  Direct Apply
126 DP Physics Teacher  Direct Apply
127 City Director  Direct Apply
128 Accounting Specialist – Fixed Assets  Direct Apply
129 Strategic Planning Manager – Finance  Direct Apply
130 Finance Manager  Direct Apply
131 Financial Controls Manager  Direct Apply
132 Integrated Digital Solutions Lead – Cognitive Cities  Direct Apply
133 Integration Solution Architect  Direct Apply
134 Commissioning Manager  Direct Apply
135 Leasing Manager  Direct Apply
136 Business Operations Analyst  Direct Apply
137 Fleet Technical Manager  Direct Apply
138 Legal Manager  Direct Apply
139 Events Specialist  Direct Apply
140 Process Excellence – Senior Manager  Direct Apply
141 Cyber & Investigation Audit Lead  Direct Apply
142 EPMO Reporting Specialist  Direct Apply
143 Cybersecurity GRC Lead  Direct Apply
144 Operations, Health And Safety Professional  Direct Apply
145 Director – Technology & Digital  Direct Apply
146 Fire Engineering Director  Direct Apply
147 ENOWA Director Of Marketing And Communications  Direct Apply
148 Solution Architecture – Senior Manager  Direct Apply
149 Systems Integration Lead – Port Automation  Direct Apply
150 Director Health And Social Care Data Management  Direct Apply
151 Content Marketing Senior Specialist  Direct Apply
152 Strategy Project Manager  Direct Apply
153 Director Healthcare Provider Oversight  Direct Apply
154 Digital Operations Manager  Direct Apply
155 Data Strategy & Analytics Lead  Direct Apply
156 Regional Planning Manager  Direct Apply
157 Senior Accountant Tax  Direct Apply
158 Enviromental Specialist  Direct Apply
159 Director – Engineering Design  Direct Apply
160 Office Manager NEOM USA HQ  Direct Apply
161 Director Of Building Services  Direct Apply
162 Head Of Automation And Digitalization  Direct Apply
163 Senior Accountant  Direct Apply
164 Senior Accountant  Direct Apply
165 Grants Management System Lead  Direct Apply
166 ESG Lead  Direct Apply

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NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia


Job Vacancy - NEOM Jobs in Saudi Arabia - Latest Vacancies


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