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Worley is a globally renowned engineering, procurement, and construction company that has made significant contributions to the development and growth of various industries worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, Worley has established a strong presence and played a crucial role in shaping the nation's infrastructure and energy sectors. With its extensive experience and expertise, Worley has successfully executed numerous projects, contributing to the Kingdom's economic diversification and sustainable development goals.

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Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates

About Worley

Worley Limited is a leading global provider of professional project and asset services in the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Worley Limited is committed to delivering sustainable solutions that make a difference in the world. Their diverse portfolio includes engineering, procurement, and construction management services, making them a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

pursuing a career with Worley Limited in the UAE offers a chance to be part of a dynamic, innovative, and globally respected company. By understanding the application process, aligning your skills with their requirements, and showcasing your passion for engineering and innovation, you can embark on a successful journey with Worley Limited, making a significant impact in the world of engineering and project management.

Worley, a prominent engineering, procurement, and construction company, has made significant strides in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with its innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence. Established in 1971, the company has steadily expanded its operations globally, leveraging its expertise in providing comprehensive services across various sectors, including energy, chemicals, infrastructure, and mining. In the UAE, Worley has emerged as a key player in shaping the nation’s infrastructure landscape, contributing to its economic development and sustainability goals.

With its headquarters in Dubai, Worley has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on the UAE’s burgeoning market opportunities. The company’s presence in the region underscores its dedication to fostering local talent and nurturing partnerships with governmental bodies and private enterprises. Through collaborative efforts, Worley aims to address the UAE’s evolving needs, aligning its services with the nation’s vision for diversification, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Worley’s success in the UAE can be attributed to its comprehensive approach to project management and execution. The company employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver tailored solutions that meet clients’ specific requirements while adhering to stringent quality and safety standards. Whether it’s designing state-of-the-art infrastructure, implementing renewable energy projects, or optimizing industrial processes, Worley remains at the forefront of driving innovation and efficiency in the UAE’s engineering landscape.

Moreover, Worley’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the UAE’s ambitious agenda to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards a greener economy. By integrating sustainable practices into its projects, Worley not only helps clients mitigate environmental impacts but also contributes to the nation’s efforts to achieve its sustainability targets outlined in initiatives like the UAE Vision 2021 and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050. Through its innovative solutions and eco-friendly approaches, Worley plays a pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future for the UAE and beyond.

Furthermore, Worley’s engagement with local communities underscores its dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The company actively participates in programs aimed at empowering youth, promoting education, and supporting social welfare projects across the UAE. By investing in the well-being of the communities it serves, Worley not only enhances its corporate reputation but also fosters long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Worley’s presence in the United Arab Emirates exemplifies its commitment to driving sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and creating lasting value for its clients and stakeholders. With its expertise, technological prowess, and dedication to excellence, Worley continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the UAE’s engineering landscape and contributing to its economic prosperity and sustainability goals.

Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates

Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates


List of Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates

Worley Limited, a global engineering company, is renowned for its transformative projects and innovative solutions across various sectors. For those aspiring to join this industry leader in the United Arab Emirates.Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates are sought after opportunities in the dynamic landscape of engineering, procurement, and construction. With a legacy spanning over five decades, Worley has established itself as a premier employer, offering rewarding career paths and professional development in one of the region’s most vibrant economies. As a leading provider of comprehensive services across various sectors, Worley continually seeks talented individuals to join its workforce in the UAE, driving innovation and excellence in every project.

The allure of Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates lies in the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, where employees are empowered to thrive and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career, Worley offers a range of opportunities across disciplines such as engineering, project management, procurement, and more, providing a platform for personal and professional growth.

Worley’s presence in the United Arab Emirates extends beyond its projects; it represents a commitment to shaping the future of engineering in the region while contributing to the nation’s economic prosperity and sustainability goals. By joining Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates, individuals become part of a global network of experts, collaborating on innovative solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges, from renewable energy initiatives to infrastructure development and beyond.

Moreover, Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates offer the chance to work on high-profile projects that have a lasting impact on society and the environment. From iconic skyscrapers to cutting-edge industrial facilities, Worley’s portfolio showcases the company’s expertise in delivering complex projects from conception to completion. As a member of the Worley team in the UAE, employees have the opportunity to contribute to these landmark projects and leave a lasting legacy in the region.

In addition to professional growth opportunities, Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates provide a supportive and collaborative work environment where employees are encouraged to innovate and pursue excellence. Through mentorship programs, continuous training, and access to state-of-the-art resources, Worley invests in its talent, nurturing the next generation of leaders in engineering and beyond.

Worley Jobs in the United Arab Emirates represent more than just employment opportunities; they signify a chance to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that is shaping the future of the UAE’s engineering landscape. With a strong emphasis on diversity, sustainability, and innovation, Worley offers a rewarding career path for individuals looking to make a meaningful impact while advancing their professional aspirations in one of the world’s most exciting markets.

  1. Project Coordinator
  2. Senior Rotating Engineer
  3. Senior Process Safety Engineer
  4. Senior Planning Engineer
  5. Senior Contracts Engineer
  6. Lead Contracts Engineer
  7. Principal Structural Engineer
  8. Graduate Mechanical Engineer
  9. Senior Electrical Engineer
  10. Senior Operations Engineer
  11. Piping Superintendent / Supervisor
  12. Construction Manager
  13. Senior Civil Designer
  14. F&G Commissioning Engineer
  15. Project Control Specialist I
  16. Manager, Project Controls
  17. Principal Rotating Engineer
  18. Senior Static Engineer
  19. Quantity Surveyor
  20. Principal HVAC Engineer
  21. Senior Process Engineer
  22. Area Superintendent / Sr. Construction Engineer
  23. Principal Process Engineer
  24. Principal Static Engineer
  25. Senior Onshore Pipelines Engineer
  26. Senior Interface Engineer
  27. Senior Marine Pipelines Engineer
  28. Principal Electrical Engineer
  29. Project Control Specialist II
  30. Senior Instrumentation Engineer
  31. Senior Mechanical (HVAC) Engineer
  32. Senior Administrative Assistant
  33. Principal Mechanical Engineer
  34. Senior Marine & Coastal Engineer
  35. Principal Architectural Engineer
  36. Project Manager
  37. Project Engineering Manager
  38. Senior Electrical Designer
  39. Civil/ Structural BIM/CAD Designer
  40. Principal Civil Engineer – Industrial Infrastructure
  41. Senior Civil Engineer – Industrial Infrastructure
  42. Principal Marine & Coastal Engineer
  43. Senior Intake and Outfalls Engineer
  44. Process BIM/CAD Designer
  45. Lead Static Engineer
  46. HSE Superintendent / Supervisor
  47. Senior Weight Control Engineer (Structural)
  48. Senior/Principal Circular Economy Consultant
  49. Project Director
  50. Senior Consultant – Chemicals & Fuels
  51. Contracts Manager
  52. Senior Materials / Corrosion Engineer
  53. Asset Authorized Person
  54. Senior PMC Process Safety Engineer
  55. Senior Project Engineer

How to Apply

To apply for a job at Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates, Send your CV to rw.recruitment@worley.com. Follow the instructions provided, including attaching your resume and cover letter, and ensure you meet the stated application deadlines.

Job Description, Required Qualifications and Skills – Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates

To excel in Worley Limited jobs in the UAE, candidates typically require a degree in engineering, architecture, or a related field. Additionally, essential skills include excellent communication, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, adaptability, and a strong technical aptitude. Relevant work experience and industry certifications are often advantageous.

Tips for a Successful Job Application

  • Customize Your Resume: Tailor your resume to match the job description, highlighting relevant skills and experiences.
  • Research the Company: Understand Worley Limited’s values and projects to align your application with their objectives.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice common interview questions and showcase your enthusiasm for the role and the company.

Employee Benefits and Perks

Worley Limited values its employees and offers a comprehensive benefits package. This may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, professional development opportunities, and performance-based bonuses. Additionally, employees often enjoy flexible work schedules and a supportive work environment.

Corporate Culture and Values

Worley Limited fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and diversity. Employees are encouraged to think creatively, work together to solve complex challenges, and contribute to meaningful projects. The company values integrity, safety, and sustainability, ensuring that every employee plays a role in creating a positive impact on society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Worley Limited’s main focus?

A: Worley Limited specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction management services in the energy, chemicals, and resources sectors.

Q: Are there opportunities for career growth within Worley Limited?

A: Yes, Worley Limited emphasizes professional development and offers opportunities for career advancement.

Q: Does Worley Limited provide training programs for employees?

A: Absolutely, Worley Limited invests in employee training and skill development programs.

Q: What is the recruitment process like at Worley Limited?

A: The recruitment process typically involves submitting an online application, interviews, and possibly technical assessments.

Q: What qualities does Worley Limited look for in potential employees?

A: Worley Limited seeks candidates with strong technical skills, adaptability, teamwork, and excellent communication abilities.

Q: Does Worley Limited have a commitment to sustainability?

A: Yes, Worley Limited is committed to sustainable practices and integrates environmental considerations into their projects.

Q: What is the work culture like at Worley Limited?

A: Worley Limited promotes a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive work culture where employees are encouraged to thrive.

Q: Are there opportunities for international assignments within Worley Limited?

A: Yes, Worley Limited operates globally, providing employees with opportunities for international assignments and cross-cultural experiences.

Q: Does Worley Limited offer internships for students and recent graduates?

A: Yes, Worley Limited often provides internship programs to nurture young talents and offer them valuable industry experience.

Q: How can I stay updated on Worley Limited job openings?

A: Regularly check Worley Limited’s official website and follow their social media channels to stay informed about the latest job openings and career opportunities.



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