Civil Engineer Jobs in Dubai – UAE

Civil Engineer Jobs in Dubai - UAE
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Civil Engineer Jobs in Dubai – UAE

Civil engineers sometimes work at the construction site, and sometimes they can work in the office. Civil engineering covers a wide area and specialization is required in various branches. In Turkey, civil engineers work in the Ministries of Forestry, Public Works and Settlement, Transport, Energy and Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

In the construction process of different types of structures such as roads, bridges, buildings, dams, and railways; The people who take part in every stage such as plan, project and implementation are called civil engineers. The profession of civil engineers is also called civil engineering.

  • Average Salary – 15000 AED
  • Typical Working Hours per week – 44 Hours

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Civil Engineering Fields of Study

Civil engineers usually specialize in two areas after they graduate from school. These fields are field and office engineering. However, the fields of civil engineering work are not limited to this. Civil engineers can specialize and work in many areas.

Field Engineer

  • There is a saying to swallow construction site dust. Field engineers are the people who really live this idiom. If you’re an energetic person who likes to be actively involved, field engineering is for you. But if you like to work at a desk and you can’t walk around all day, then staying away from the construction site would be a good choice for you.

Project Office Engineer

  • Civil engineers working in the project office generally do not have much to do with the field. They are more concerned with the design and calculation part of the job. The people who create the projects implemented by the field engineers at the construction site are the project construction engineers working in the office.

Technical Office Engineers

  • The part where the work is managed is the technical office. Progress payments and quantities are calculated here. Although the engineers working in the technical office are not very tired physically, they are quite worn out as ahead.

Sales Engineer

  • Another unit that newly graduated civil engineers are not familiar with is sales. You can work in the sales department of a project firm or a company that produces building materials. After all, no one can market a construction-related product better than a civil engineer. If you’re going to be a sales engineer, you should speak well.

Purchasing Engineer

  • Purchasing Engineer: Large companies have a purchasing unit. If we think of it as a construction company, there are materials that the company needs to buy in order to build any structure. Purchasing engineers are directly concerned with issues such as where and how many of these materials will be procured.

Civil engineering study areas are generally like this. If you are not planning a career in the private sector, you can also consider being appointed to the government or continuing your career as an academic. Now let’s come to the main topic of our article: Duties of a civil engineer.

What are the Duties of a Civil Engineer?

The duties of civil engineers may differ according to the field they work in. In other words, it cannot be expected logically that the duties of the field engineer and the purchasing engineer are the same. But there are some responsibilities that are common to every civil engineer, no matter what unit they work in.

  • Business plan and follow up. Planning the work to be done and determining the date and stage of the work are among the responsibilities of civil engineers.
  • A good civil engineer should definitely have advanced communication skills. He should be able to communicate well with the workers working under him when appropriate, and with the managers of the company when appropriate.
  • It is one of the duties of the civil engineer to determine the legal responsibilities of the project to be made and to ensure the progress of the project in accordance with these.
  • To enforce the occupational health and safety rules at the construction site he is responsible for.
  • Investigating the environmental impact of the project and developing solutions to prevent damage to the environment.
  • Ensuring communication between workers and bosses.

Civil Engineer Jobs in Dubai - UAE

Work experience

Work experience is fundamental to acquiring work inside the development business. Potential managers will generally be satisfied to see work experience recorded on your CV.


Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as civil engineer include:

  • Communication skills should be at a high level.
  • It is important that they be patient and tolerant.
  • Must be successful in math and science.
  • Must have problem solving ability.
  • Analytical thinking skills should be developed.
  • Must be open to learning.
  • He should be able to take perspective.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Civil Engineers

  • It ensures timely delivery of projects.
  • It ensures that the projects are within the budget.
  • It does a feasibility study.
  • Makes cost calculations.
  • It ensures that the project and the structure are carried out in accordance with the laws.
  • He works with the architect on the designs of the buildings.
  • It inspects the structures in terms of security and notifies the risky structures to the necessary places.
  • None, it maintains and repairs bridges and various structures.
  • Analyzes and plans carrier systems such as columns and beams.
  • It takes part in the demolition of buildings that need to be demolished.
  • Makes the selection of materials to be used in the project.
  • Provides coordination among other personnel involved.
  • Solves the problems that occur in the construction of the project.
  • Prepares reports on projects.
  • Conducts interviews with the project owner and other people who will take part in the project.
  • Revises projects.
  • Visits construction sites to check progress on the project.
  • Participates in tenders.
  • Tests infrastructures and project designs.
  • It provides quality control of building materials.
  • Gives advice on projects.
  • Follows construction materials and regulations.
  • Conducts prospective research and investigations.
  • Avoids behaviors that will destroy the dignity of the profession.
  • While performing their duties and responsibilities objective behaves.
  • Keeps confidential information concerning the interests of the employer and the customer.
  • He stays away from illegal and contradictory work with his professional responsibilities.

Civil Engineer Jobs in Dubai - UAE


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