Field Trials Officer Job Description

Field Trials Officer Job Description
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Field Trials Officer Job Description

A field trials officer is a professional who develops and oversees the different stages of research trials. They work closely with scientists to coordinate the location of a trial, ensure that the conditions are suitable for the experiment and oversee the collection of data. Their work involves monitoring the results of experiments on plants and animals. The information collected during these trials informs decisions in agriculture. They may also be called upon to give specialist advice and give a detailed report on the results.

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Practical experience is essential

Applicants should have at least one year of practical experience of working in field trials. Ideally, they should hold a degree or HND in Agriculture, Plant Science or Biology. They should have farming experience, know how to grow crops and experience working under stringent technical guidelines. It is also beneficial if they have a BASIS qualification. The job requires good written communication skills and the ability to work independently. The successful candidate must be based in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The position comes with a competitive salary.

The entry-level field trials officer job description is much easier to fill than that of a technician or assistant. This is particularly true of large research institutions with a low staff turnover. However, it may take longer than a technician or assistant. Nevertheless, it is possible to progress to a field trials officer role once you have the relevant experience. Although a Masters degree is not necessary, it is useful, as it will show your commitment to the field. Experience with different types of machinery and working with a variety of crops is also very useful.

A field trials officer’s job description will require them to have extensive knowledge of farming and machinery. Their role also includes supervised tasks, including seed weighing and administering field trials. Moreover, they must know the procedures and protocols involved in the process of conducting trials. These include safety, efficacy, and technical guidelines.

A degree in a biological science is usually the minimum academic requirement for entry into the field. It is also helpful to have a PA1 or PA2 qualification for safe use of pesticides. Relevant postgraduate degrees are generally desirable and may be required for senior posts or in competitive areas. Candidates without agricultural-related degrees need to have relevant work experience. This can be gained through work shadowing or vacation work.

Field Trials Officer Job Description


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Training is gained on the job

As a field trials officer, you will be responsible for developing and monitoring the effects of research trials. You will work with scientists to match their research requirements with available trial sites and laboratories. The results of these trials will help inform decision-making in agricultural development, determine product safety, and guide sales. You will be expected to write detailed reports and presentations based on your findings. You may also need to give specialist advice.

Many field trials officers gain their training on the job. They will typically train under more experienced colleagues, but some employers also provide in-house training. Training will cover everything from how to use specialist software to how to prepare and present results. Training for field trials officers will also include how to conduct safe field trials and avoid adverse effects on wildlife and plants.

Field Trials Officer Job Description


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Qualifications required

A field trials officer has a wide variety of responsibilities and must have good analytical skills. Having a driving license is one of the essential qualifications for this role. He or she must also have full knowledge of agricultural and environmental policies. The average salary for a field trials officer is PS25,000-PS30,000. Compensation varies according to experience, but you can expect to earn up to PS40,000 in a senior position. Other benefits of this job description include a good pension and holiday pay and access to professional development opportunities. In addition to this, many companies offer flexible working hours for their field trial officers. However, some employers may insist on fixed hours and you may have to work overtime, especially during the sowing or harvesting seasons.

The field trials officer is responsible for developing and managing research trials on crops and agricultural products. He or she works closely with researchers to match the requirements of the experiments with the appropriate trial site and laboratory. The results of these trials are used to inform development decisions in agriculture and determine the safety of products. He or she may also need to write reports and give presentations to explain the results of the trial.

Field trials officers must possess experience with heavy farm machinery. They are also required to supervise agricultural students. The job also requires experience in weighing seeds and fertilisers. They should also have knowledge of protocols and procedures, and be comfortable working under strict technical guidelines. In addition to having these skills, they must have a passion for Scottish agriculture.

Experience with biopesticide efficacy is also a key requirement. In addition, they must be hands-on and resilient. Moreover, they must have training in the use of agricultural pesticides and must be proficient in statistics. It is essential that they are certified in safe application of pesticides, and must have a minimum of three to five years of experience.

In addition to having a Bachelor of Science degree, candidates should also have experience of working in a small team. They will be involved in all aspects of arable field trials, including conducting field trials. In addition, they must be flexible and self-motivated. Applicants must complete their degree by the end of 2022. They will be involved in delivering the annual field trials programme, while developing their professional and personal skills in the agricultural sector.

Field Trials Officer Job Description

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The salary of a field trials officer can range considerably depending on the position and your qualifications. Entry-level positions pay between PS20,000 and PS30,000, with senior positions paying more than PS40,000. The role is highly rewarding, and field trials officers can enjoy decent benefits, including a pension and holiday pay. They are also eligible for excellent professional development opportunities, as part of the company’s training commitments and equal opportunity policy. However, it is essential to note that you must be eligible to work in the UK.

As a field trials officer, you will work with scientists to design and conduct research trials, as well as monitor the effects of those trials. Your work involves planning and overseeing the setting of the trials, monitoring environmental conditions and ensuring that data collection is fair and accurate. Ultimately, the data collected by these trials will help inform decisions in agriculture and other sectors.

Field trials officers are responsible for collecting, processing and analyzing information vital for the development of safe products. In many cases, they work thirty to forty hours per week. Full-time employees typically work five days a week, while part-timers usually work less. These positions require excellent communication and analytical skills, as well as a good knowledge of the effects of different treatments on plants and wildlife.

In addition to being responsible for overseeing the field trials of new products, a field trials officer may also help develop new development programmes. A field trials officer records detailed assessments of each trial. These assessments must be in accordance with the relevant study plans and European Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) guidelines. The data collected must be transcribed into a computer program to help evaluate the trial’s effectiveness.


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