SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Qatar

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers - Qatar
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SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Qatar

Here we are with the Latest SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Qatar, We are with a List of SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs in Qatar. You can now directly apply for the latest Job Vacancies at SAMSUNG ENGINEERING from the below list.

  • Job Location:- Qatar
  • Education:- Relevant Qualifications (PHD/Masters/Degree/High School/Certificate)
  • Nationality:- Any Nationality
  • Gender:- Male / Female
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- Negotiable
  • Job Type:- Permanent


Samsung Engineering has firmly established itself as a leading force in Qatar’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) sector. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation, the company has made significant contributions to Qatar’s infrastructure development and economic advancement. With a reputation for delivering high-quality services and meeting stringent project deadlines, Samsung Engineering has emerged as a trusted partner in Qatar’s construction industry landscape.

In Qatar, Samsung Engineering has undertaken a wide array of projects across various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure, and environmental initiatives. Through its utilization of cutting-edge technology and expertise, the company has played a pivotal role in constructing critical infrastructure projects that support Qatar’s aspirations for economic diversification and sustainable growth. From building advanced refineries to implementing sophisticated wastewater treatment facilities, Samsung Engineering’s projects have been instrumental in Qatar’s journey toward becoming a regional powerhouse in industry and commerce.

A key distinguishing factor of Samsung Engineering’s operations in Qatar is its steadfast commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company prioritizes the integration of eco-friendly practices and innovative technologies to minimize the ecological footprint of its projects. By adhering to stringent environmental standards and embracing sustainable practices, Samsung Engineering not only meets contractual obligations but also contributes to Qatar’s endeavors to combat climate change and foster environmental sustainability.

Samsung Engineering’s success in Qatar stems from its unwavering focus on excellence, safety, and client satisfaction. The company places paramount importance on ensuring the safety and well-being of its workforce, implementing rigorous safety protocols, and adhering to regulatory standards. By prioritizing safety measures and upholding high-quality standards, Samsung Engineering has earned the trust and confidence of clients and stakeholders in Qatar’s competitive construction sector.

Looking ahead, Samsung Engineering remains committed to expanding its footprint and making meaningful contributions to Qatar’s ongoing development initiatives. With its proven track record, technical proficiency, and dedication to innovation, Samsung Engineering is poised to continue shaping Qatar’s infrastructure landscape. As Qatar embarks on ambitious projects aimed at enhancing its global competitiveness and economic resilience, Samsung Engineering stands ready to collaborate in realizing the nation’s vision for sustainable growth and prosperity.



In the bustling realm of engineering, SAMSUNG ENGINEERING stands tall as a beacon of innovation and excellence. As it expands its footprint in Qatar, job seekers are presented with a golden opportunity to join this dynamic organization. Let’s delve deeper into what SAMSUNG ENGINEERING offers, the qualifications it seeks, tips for successful job applications, employee benefits, corporate culture, how to apply, and answers to common queries.

In Qatar, Samsung Engineering offers a myriad of job opportunities that beckon professionals across the engineering and construction sectors. These positions, known as Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar, serve as gateways into a vibrant realm defined by innovation, excellence, and a steadfast commitment to executing top-tier projects. With deep roots in Qatar’s development landscape, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar represent more than just career options—they signify a chance for individuals to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s growth and advancement.

The allure of Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar lies in the breadth of projects the company undertakes, spanning diverse sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure, and environmental endeavors. From designing sophisticated refineries to implementing sustainable wastewater treatment facilities, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar present professionals with opportunities to work on projects that not only propel their careers forward but also align with Qatar’s strategic goals and vision for the future.

For aspiring engineers, project managers, and specialists, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar offer a platform to leverage their skills and expertise in a stimulating yet rewarding environment. Grounded in innovation and technology, these roles empower individuals to push boundaries and instigate positive change within the industry. Whether through the adoption of cutting-edge solutions or the implementation of best practices in safety and sustainability, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar enable employees to effect meaningful contributions that endure.

Furthermore, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing the welfare of its workforce and cultivating a culture of collaboration and ongoing learning, these roles ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary resources and support to thrive. Through mentorship initiatives, professional development opportunities, and an enabling work environment, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar empower individuals to unlock their full potential and excel in their respective fields.

As Qatar continues to invest in ambitious projects aimed at driving economic diversification and sustainable growth, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar remain pivotal to the nation’s trajectory. Renowned for its track record of delivering high-quality projects on schedule and within budget, Samsung Engineering Jobs in Qatar epitomize the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence and ingenuity. For aspiring professionals seeking fulfilling career opportunities within Qatar’s burgeoning engineering landscape, Samsung Engineering stands as a beacon of possibility and promise.

No. Job Title  
1 Insulation & Painting Supervisor View Job
2 Steel-Structure Supervisor View Job
3 Administration Assistant View Job
5 Public Relation Officer View Job
6 QC Supervisor – NDT View Job
7 QC Inspector-Painting View Job
8 QC Inspector-Electrical View Job
9 EMT Coordinator View Job
10 QC Supervisor Piping View Job
11 QC Inspector-Piping View Job
12 Permit Controller View Job
13 QC Inspector-Steel-Structure View Job
14 Workface Planner – Steel Structure View Job
15 QC Inspector – Building View Job
16 HSE Officer View Job
17 QC Inspector-Welding View Job
18 Workface Planner – Piping View Job
19 Workface Planner – IM/IT Coordinator View Job
20 Workface Planner – Civil View Job
21 Workface Planning Manager View Job
22 Instrument Supervisor View Job
23 IT Supervisor View Job
24 Electrical Supervisor View Job
25 Mechanical Supervisor View Job
26 Material Supervisor View Job
27 QC Inspector-Electrical View Job
28 Scaffolding Inspector View Job
29 Electrical Inspector View Job
30 Lifting Inspector View Job
31 Piping Supervisor View Job
32 QC Inspector-Welding View Job
33 HSE Supervisor View Job


  • To view the job responsibilities Click on the View / Apply button which matches your designation. You can find the detailed job responsibilities.

Educational requirements:

  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.

Experience requirements:

  • 3-10 Years of experience or as required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.

Desired Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making ability
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Teamworking skills
  • Good knowledge of building methods and regulations

Any Additional Skill required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.


  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per SAMSUNG ENGINEERING standards.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per SAMSUNG ENGINEERING standards.

How to Apply for SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Careers?

If you want to apply for SAMSUNG ENGINEERING jobs from the above list. Click on the View / Apply button which matches your designation. It will direct you to the specific SAMSUNG ENGINEERING job. You can find the relevant official Email Address or Application Link.

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers - Qatar


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