SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Saudi Arabia

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers - Saudi Arabia
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SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Saudi Arabia

Here we are with the Latest SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers – Saudi Arabia, We are with a List of SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs in Saudi Arabia. You can now directly apply for the latest Job Vacancies at SAMSUNG ENGINEERING from the below list.

  • Job Location:- Saudi Arabia
  • Education:- Relevant Qualifications (PHD/Masters/Degree/High School/Certificate)
  • Nationality:- Any Nationality
  • Gender:- Male / Female
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- Negotiable
  • Job Type:- Permanent


Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia is a renowned engineering and construction company that has played a vital role in the development of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure. Since establishing its presence in the country in 1978, Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia has been instrumental in driving the growth of the nation’s energy and industrial sectors. Through successful collaborations with the Saudi Arabian government and private sector, the company has executed numerous prestigious projects, contributing significantly to the Kingdom’s economic diversification and sustainable progress.

With expertise spanning various sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, and water, Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia has successfully delivered a wide range of major projects. These include the construction of oil refineries, gas processing facilities, and petrochemical complexes, which have played a critical role in ensuring Saudi Arabia’s energy security and self-sufficiency. Furthermore, the company has contributed to the development of essential infrastructure for power generation, including thermal and renewable energy plants, supporting the Kingdom’s efforts to meet its increasing electricity demands.

The exceptional achievements of Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia have earned the company significant recognition within the industry. It has received numerous awards acknowledging its engineering capabilities, commitment to safety and environmental standards, and contributions to the local economy. These accolades reflect Samsung Engineering’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality projects while upholding the highest standards of safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

In addition to its economic contributions, Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia actively engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company endeavors to make a positive impact on local communities through sustainable practices, support for education and training programs, and environmental conservation efforts. Through these initiatives, Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia aims to leave a lasting legacy of development and prosperity in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia’s extensive experience, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence have established it as a trusted partner in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards economic diversification and sustainable development. Its contributions to the Kingdom’s energy and industrial sectors, along with its focus on corporate social responsibility, highlight the company’s long-term commitment to Saudi Arabia’s growth and prosperity.

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers - Saudi Arabia

List of SAMSUNG ENGINEERING – Saudi Arabia

Samsung Engineering offers a wide range of job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. The company’s strong presence and reputation in the country make SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs an attractive option for professionals across various fields. Whether you’re an engineer, project manager, or specialize in procurement or construction, Samsung Engineering in Saudi Arabia provides ample opportunities for career growth.

Working in SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs in Saudi Arabia means being part of major infrastructure projects in the country. Samsung Engineering is involved in prestigious endeavors such as oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants, and power plants. By joining the company, you’ll have the chance to work with cutting-edge technology and gain hands-on experience in large-scale projects, making a significant contribution to the nation’s development.

Samsung Engineering is dedicated to nurturing talent and creating a supportive work environment. Employees are encouraged to enhance their skills through continuous learning and development programs. SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs in Saudi Arabia offer a platform for professionals to showcase their expertise, collaborate with a diverse team, and find innovative solutions. The company’s culture values excellence, teamwork, and professionalism, providing a fulfilling and rewarding career path for its employees.

Alongside professional growth, Samsung Engineering prioritizes work-life balance and employee well-being. SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs in Saudi Arabia come with competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefits, and a strong focus on welfare. By joining Samsung Engineering in Saudi Arabia, you become part of a dynamic organization that is committed to sustainable development and contributing to the nation’s progress.

No. Job Title  
01 Document Controller View Job
02 QC Inspector-Electrical View Job
03 QC Inspector-Welding View Job
04 QC Supervisor Welding View Job
05 Marketing Specialist View Job
06 HSE Supervisor View Job
07 Painting & Insulation Supervisor View Job
08 Field Control Engineer View Job

Document Controller

View Job

Handover Supervisor

View Job

Mechanical Supervisor

View Job

Electrical Supervisor

View Job

Piping Supervisor

View Job

Interface Engineer

View Job

Project Engineer

View Job

QC Inspector-Instrument

View Job

QC Inspector-Welding – PWHT

View Job

Field Material Controller

View Job

Commissioning Supervisor

View Job

Electrical Supervisor

View Job

Mechanical Supervisor

View Job

Field Control Engineer

View Job

QC Inspector-Welding

View Job

Piping Supervisor

View Job

HSE Supervisor

View Job

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Jobs | Careers - Saudi Arabia


  • To view the job responsibilities Click on the View / Apply button which matches your designation. You can find the detailed job responsibilities.

Educational requirements:

  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.

Experience requirements:

  • 3-10 Years of experience or as required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.

Desired Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making ability
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Teamworking skills
  • Good knowledge of building methods and regulations

Any Additional Skill required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.


  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by SAMSUNG ENGINEERING.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per Alfanar standards.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per SAMSUNG ENGINEERING standards.

How to Apply for SAMSUNG ENGINEERING Careers?

If you want to apply for SAMSUNG ENGINEERING jobs from the above list. Click on the View / Apply button which matches your designation. It will direct you to the specific SAMSUNG ENGINEERING job. You can find the relevant official Email Address or Application Link.



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