Worley Jobs | Careers – Qatar

Worley Jobs | Careers - Qatar

Worley Jobs | Careers – Qatar

Here we are with the Latest Worley Jobs | Careers – Qatar, We are with a List of Worley Jobs in Qatar. You can now directly apply for the latest Job Vacancies at Worley from the below list.

  • Job Location:- Qatar
  • Company:- Worley
  • Education:- Relevant Qualifications (PHD/Masters/Degree/High School/Certificate)
  • Nationality:- Any Nationality
  • Gender:- Male / Female
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- Negotiable
  • Job Type:- Permanent

About Worley

Worley Limited is a leading global engineering, procurement, and construction company with a rich history spanning over a century. With a presence in over 40 countries, Worley is renowned for providing innovative solutions to complex challenges in various sectors, including energy, chemicals, resources, and environment. Their commitment to sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies makes them a sought-after employer in the industry.

Worley Limited offers not just jobs, but fulfilling and enriching career experiences. By understanding their values, aligning your skills, and presenting yourself effectively, you can unlock the door to a world of opportunities in Qatar’s dynamic job market.

Worley, a global engineering company, has established a significant presence in Qatar, playing a crucial role in the nation’s energy sector and infrastructure development. The company offers comprehensive project delivery and consulting services across various industries, including hydrocarbons, power, minerals, metals, chemicals, and infrastructure. In Qatar, Worley utilizes its extensive expertise to support the country’s ambitious economic diversification goals and infrastructure expansion plans, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

A major aspect of Worley’s contribution in Qatar is its involvement in significant energy projects. As one of the world’s leading producers of natural gas, Qatar requires advanced engineering and project management solutions to sustain and expand its production capabilities. Worley delivers essential services in project design, construction management, and operational support for both onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. This includes work on liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, which are vital to Qatar’s export economy.

In addition to the energy sector, Worley supports the development of Qatar’s infrastructure. The company has participated in various projects that enhance the country’s transportation systems, water supply, and urban infrastructure. By applying its global experience and technical knowledge, Worley assists Qatar in building sustainable and resilient infrastructure to meet the needs of its growing population and economy. This is crucial as Qatar advances its long-term development objectives.

Worley’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in its operations in Qatar. The company focuses on integrating sustainable practices into its project delivery processes, ensuring environmental considerations are prioritized at every stage of development. Worley also invests in digital technologies and innovative solutions to improve project efficiency and minimize environmental impact. This approach aligns with Qatar’s emphasis on sustainability as part of its national development strategy.

Beyond its project-based contributions, Worley is actively engaged in knowledge transfer and capacity building in Qatar. The company provides training and development opportunities for local engineers and professionals, helping to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of supporting the country’s long-term development goals. This commitment to local talent development benefits Worley by ensuring a steady supply of skilled professionals and contributes to Qatar’s broader economic and social development.

Overall, Worley’s presence in Qatar exemplifies its role as a key partner in the nation’s development journey. By delivering world-class engineering and project management services, supporting sustainable practices, and fostering local talent, Worley aids Qatar in achieving its vision of a diversified and resilient economy. The company’s work in Qatar highlights its ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and demanding market, reinforcing its position as a leader in the global engineering sector.

Worley Jobs in United Arab Emirates


List of Worley Jobs in Qatar

In the vibrant landscape of Qatar’s job market, Worley Limited stands as a beacon of career opportunities, offering a wide array of roles for skilled professionals. 

Worley Jobs in Qatar offer unique opportunities for professionals looking to work in a dynamic and rapidly growing market. The company’s extensive presence in Qatar covers various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, and sustainable development, providing a wide range of career opportunities for engineers, project managers, consultants, and other specialists. With Qatar’s ambitious development goals, Worley Jobs in Qatar are essential in contributing to major projects that drive the country’s economic diversification and growth.

Professionals seeking Worley Jobs in Qatar can expect to work on some of the most significant energy projects in the region. As a leading player in the global oil and gas industry, Worley manages extensive operations in Qatar, including the design, construction, and maintenance of onshore and offshore facilities. Jobs in this sector often involve working on cutting-edge LNG projects, which are vital to Qatar’s role as a top natural gas exporter. These roles require advanced technical skills and offer the chance to be part of innovative and impactful projects.

Infrastructure development is another key area where Worley Jobs in Qatar are prominent. The company is heavily involved in various infrastructure projects that enhance transportation, water supply, and urban development. Professionals in these roles contribute to building sustainable and resilient infrastructure, crucial for Qatar’s long-term growth. Working in these positions allows individuals to apply their expertise in civil engineering, project management, and environmental planning to projects that improve the quality of life in Qatar.

Sustainability and innovation are central to Worley Jobs in Qatar. The company prioritizes integrating sustainable practices into all its projects, ensuring environmental considerations are at the forefront. Jobs focusing on sustainability involve developing and implementing green solutions, reducing carbon footprints, and utilizing digital technologies to enhance efficiency. These roles are ideal for professionals passionate about environmental stewardship and innovation, offering the chance to make a tangible difference.

Moreover, Worley Jobs in Qatar emphasize knowledge transfer and capacity building. The company is committed to developing local talent by providing training and career development opportunities for Qatari nationals and residents. This approach not only supports the country’s workforce development goals but also ensures that employees can grow their skills and advance their careers within a global company. Worley’s focus on education and training makes these jobs attractive for those looking to build a long-term career in engineering and project management.

Overall, Worley Jobs in Qatar represent valuable opportunities for professionals seeking to contribute to significant projects in a thriving economy. By joining Worley, individuals can work on diverse and impactful projects, from energy production and infrastructure development to sustainability initiatives. These roles offer the chance to be part of a forward-thinking company dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and local talent development, making Worley Jobs in Qatar an excellent choice for career growth and professional fulfillment.

No. Job Title  
01 Senior Construction Engineer View Job
02 Principal Instrumentation Engineer  View Job
03 Electrical Engineer Level I  View Job
04 Lead Safety & Risk Engineer (Future projects)  View Job
05 Lead Offshore Structural Engineer (Future Projects)  View Job
06 Lead Piping Engineer (Future Projects)  View Job
07 Senior Instrumentation Engineer  View Job
08 Lead Instrumentation Engineer (Future projects)  View Job
09 Lead Electrical Engineer (Future projects)  View Job
10 Chief Process Engineer  View Job
11 Principal Onshore Pipelines Engineer  View Job
12 Senior Process Designer  View Job
13 Principal Mechanical Engineer  View Job
14 Electrical Engineer Level II  View Job
15 Graduate Electrical Engineer  View Job
16 Principal Process Engineer  View Job
17 Principal Safety Engineer  View Job
18 Safety Engineer Level II  View Job
19 Project Engineering Manager (Offshore Projects)  View Job
20 Principal Instrumentation Engineer  View Job
21 Mechanical Engineer Level II  View Job
22 Principal Electrical Engineer  View Job
23 Senior Project Engineer  View Job
24 Principal Electrical Engineer  View Job
25 Senior Project Engineer  View Job
26 Chief Civil Structural Engineer  View Job
27 Project Engineering Manager  View Job
28 Principal Instrumentation Engineer  View Job
29 Chief Mechanical Engineer  View Job
30 Chief Electrical Engineer  View Job
31 Senior Safety Engineer  View Job

Worley Jobs | Careers - Qatar


  • To view the job responsibilities Click on the View Job button which matches your designation. You can find the detailed job responsibilities.

Educational requirements:

  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by Worley.

Experience requirements:

  • 3-10 Years of experience or as required by Worley.

Desired Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making ability
  • Commercial awareness
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Teamworking skills
  • Good knowledge of building methods and regulations

Any Additional Skill required by Worley.


  • You may hold a PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Chartered Membership, Certifications or any relevant Qualifications required by Worley.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per Worley standards.


  • Will be negotiated at the interview and will be provided as per Worley standards.

How to Apply for Worley Careers?

If you want to apply for Worley jobs from the above list. Click on the View Job button which matches your designation. It will direct you to the specific Worley job. You can find the relevant official Email Address or Application Link.



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