Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA

Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies - Riyadh, Madinah - KSA
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Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA

Find the Available Latest Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA, And Also We are going to describe to you the ways to get a job in Hazim Consulting – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA.

About Hazim Consulting

Hazim Consulting was established as an engineering consulting organization with a base in Saudi Arabia to offer its customers innovative and long-lasting technical solutions that meet the strictest international requirements.

We are an Engineering powerhouse of expert talent and know-how with a combined portfolio of HC and Alliances of over 600 engineering-related projects and over 2000 people.

With over 40 years of experience in the engineering sector, HC and Alliances bring an unmatched mix of knowledge, skill, experience, and client focus to every task.

Creating “partnerships” with our clients is one of our guiding principles; we merely create enduring connections and carry out their ideas.

Integrity and respect are the cornerstones of the HC culture. One of our most significant assets is our moral character. Whatever we do, we stand by it.

At HC, quality is doing the tasks correctly the first time, providing high-quality services at all times, and continuously enhancing performance.

The project’s scope of work includes overseeing the upkeep and operation of 58 tunnels in Makkah City and the Holy Places, developing a plan for renovating the tunnels, and keeping track of the tunnels’ ready for use and safety.

Identify the damage caused when a truck collides with a bridge over a highway in Makkah and suggest the necessary repairs.
To provide an environmentally friendly architecture for Al-research Jazeera’s and development centers and to receive a LEED certification, the most recent iteration of the grading system for building design and construction. The US Green Building Council devised this rating system (USGBC).

ahazim1 Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies - Riyadh, Madinah - KSA


Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA

List of Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies – Riyadh, Madinah – KSA

S/N Job / Location  
1 Road Design Engineer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
2 Civil Engineer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
3 Mechanical Engineer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
4 Geographical Information System (GIS) – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
5 Architecture – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
6 Project Manager – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
7 Executive Secretary – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
8 Data Entry – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
9 Information Systems Analyst & Programmer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
10 IT & System Programmer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
11 Environmental Engineer – Riyadh, KSA View/Apply
12 Project Manager – Makkah, KSA View/Apply
13 Secretary – Makkah, KSA View/Apply
14 Electrical Engineer – Makkah, KSA View/Apply
15 Solid Waste Management Expert – Makkah, KSA View/Apply
16 HR Specialist – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
17 Civil Engineer – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
18 Mechanical Engineer – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
19 Electrical Engineer – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
20 Road Design Engineer – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
21 Information Technology (IT) – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
22 Financial Manager – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
23 Project Manager – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
24 Quality Engineer – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
25 Secretary/Receptionist – Jeddah, KSA View/Apply
26 Road Design Engineer – Madinah, KSA View/Apply
27 Geographical Information System (GIS) – Madinah, KSA View/Apply
28 Technical Machine Operator – Madinah, KSA View/Apply
29 Electrical Inspector – Madinah, KSA View/Apply
30 Surveyor – Madinah, KSA View/Apply
31 Social Media Manager – Cairo, EGYPT View/Apply
Hazim Consulting Job Vacancies - Riyadh, Madinah - KSA

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  1. I m electrical engineer Ihave been worked mor than 30 years as amaintanance operation construction & protection engineer

  2. I am civil engineer with big experience in design building and roads plus Supervision for any construction, I am very interested about your projects.

  3. my name is saleem khan i have more than 6 years experience in Accounts field currently I am working with Chartered accountant in Mumbai do you have any vacancy for accountant please let me know

  4. I am PT Structure draftsman have 17 years experience of GCC of Post tension and structure system.

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