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If you are a Construction Professional / Construction Worker and if you are currently looking for a new job in Gulf or whether if you are planning to switch the job, you are at the right place.

Are you an experienced Construction Professional / Construction Worker? Or planning to change your job? or A fresher Starting your career? Don’t worry here you can find Multiple Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and All over the United Arab Emirates.

  • Experience:- Not Mentioned
  • Job Location:- Dubai, UAE
  • Company:- Aon
  • Education:- Relevant Degree Qualifications
  • Nationality:- Any Nationality
  • Gender:- Male / Female
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- Negotiable
  • Job Type:- Permanent

1. Tatweer For Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.CM Global Group – Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

About Tatweer For Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.C

Tatweer Middle East and Africa LLC is one of the quickest developing firms in the locale that rose up out of the centre of Transportation, Traffic and Road enterprises to offer a novel mix between proficient designing administrations and Innovative Smart innovation. We are outfitted to give turnkey arrangements that carry development to all introduced administrations and items. We attract our solidarity from contributing the right ability framing a gathering of profoundly qualified and different groups that convey a complete arrangement of custom-fitted administrations.

Tatweer has a solid standing as the head of an advancement among our organization of key customers across the market areas which prepares us to take on difficulties where we can give future answers for current market needs and prerequisites.

Tatweer For Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.C – Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

List of Tatweer For Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.C – Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

No. Job Title  
1 Assistant Resident Engineer View / Apply
2 Civil Engineer View / Apply
3 Contract Administrator View / Apply
4 Design Engineer View / Apply
5 Dry Utility Engineer View / Apply
6 Electrical Inspector View / Apply
7 GIS Specialist View / Apply
8 IT Specialist View / Apply
9 ITS Engineer View / Apply
10 Land Surveyor View / Apply
11 Landscape / Irrigation Engineer View / Apply
12 Material Engineer View / Apply
13 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineer View / Apply
14 Mobile Application Developer View / Apply
15 Planning Engineer View / Apply
16 QA/ QC HSE Engineer View / Apply
17 Quantity Surveyor View / Apply
18 Resident Engineer View / Apply
19 Road Asset and Maintenance Expert View / Apply
20 Road Inspector View / Apply
21 Senior Landscape Architect / Designer View / Apply
22 Senior Quantity Surveyor View / Apply
23 Senior Traffic Operator View / Apply
24 Software Developer View / Apply
25 Structural Engineer (Roads) View / Apply
26 Traffic Engineer / Project Manager View / Apply
27 Utility Inspector View / Apply
28 Wet Utility Engineer View / Apply

Tatweer For Traffic Assets & Systems Operation and Management L.L.C - Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

2. Middle East Group Job Vacancies – Dubai, UAE

Find the Available Latest Middle East Group Job Vacancies – Dubai, UAE. And Also We are going to describe to you the ways to get a job in the Middle East Group.

No. Job Title  
1 Quantity Surveyor View / Apply
2 Construction Manager View / Apply
3 Civil Engineer View / Apply
4 Operations Manager View / Apply
5 Cost Accountant View / Apply
6 Junior Accountant View / Apply
7 Sales Manager View / Apply
8 Sales Officer View / Apply

Middle East Group Job Vacancies - Dubai, UAE

3. HCM Global Group – Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

About HCM Global Group

HCM Global Group is a Leading Manpower Recruitment Agency situated in Abu Dhabi – UAE. We are Specialized in Executive Search, Talent Acquisition, and Blue Collar Worker Recruitment from Overseas and UAE.

HCM Global give expert Employment and HR warning administrations to Oil and Gas, Construction and Infra structure, Facility Management, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistic and appropriation, IT Sector and Administration and Security Management.

With Head Office in Abu Dhabi and presence universally with our workplaces in Pakistan, Vietnam, Georgia, Romania, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Uganda. We give a genuine Global Reach. Among the Recruitment Agencies in UAE, We have created our edge to be had practical experience in selecting Blue Collar Workers, Staff, and Management Candidates from abroad and UAE.

HCM Global GroupEngineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

List of HCM Global Group – Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

No. Job Title  
1 Engineers ( Mechanical / Civil / Electrical) View / Apply
2 HSE Manager View / Apply
3 Site Engineer – Civil View / Apply
4 QA / QC Manager (Civil) View / Apply
5 Fabrication Foreman View / Apply
6 HR & Administration Manager View / Apply
7 HSE Officer View / Apply
8 Construction Manager – Piping/Pipeline View / Apply
9 Piping Engineer View / Apply
10 Site Engineer – Civil View / Apply
11 Site Engineer – Mechanical View / Apply
12 QC Engineer Civil View / Apply
13 QC Engineer Electrical View / Apply
14 QC Engineer Mechanical View / Apply
15 Lab Technician View / Apply
16 Procurement Head View / Apply
17 Office Boy / Tea Boy View / Apply
18 Store Keeper View / Apply
19 Planning Assistant View / Apply
20 Multiwelder (GTAW + SMAW) View / Apply
21 Mechanical Technician View / Apply
22 Nuclear Power Plant Technician View / Apply
23 Electrical Technician View / Apply
24 Material Coordinator View / Apply

HCM Global Group  -  Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai: Job Opportunities, Job Designations, Education and Job Descriptions

Construction Industry has become an important sector in the world mainly in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Within 20 years the Construction Industry shows a rapid development over other industries, the demand for talents in the construction industry is also expanding year by year. According to multiple authoritative statistics, the global demand for talents will increase by 100 – 350 million in the next five years talents such as “Engineers”, “Architects” and “Quantity Surveyors” are the most spectacular among them. Here we provide you with all the details regarding Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai.

Types of Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai

Types of Engineering Jobs

  1. Project Manager
  2. Construction Manager
  3. HSE Manager
  4. QA / QC Manager
  5. Project engineer / Construction engineer
  6. Site Engineer Civil
  7. Site Engineer Mechanical
  8. Site Engineer Electrical
  9. Quantity Surveyor
  10. Building services engineer
  11. Structural engineer
  12. BIM Engineer
  13. Chemical engineer
  14. Electrical engineer
  15. Mechanical engineer
  16. Interdisciplinary and specialist engineer
  17. HSE engineer
  18. QA / QC Engineer
  19. Techical Oficers
  20. Supervisors

Types of construction unskilled jobs

Ordinary type of work

  1. Manual carpentry
  2. Fine carpentry
  3. Rebar worker
  4. Plasterer
  5. Painter
  6. Concrete worker
  7. Masonry worker
  8. Waterproof worker
  9. Electric welder
  10. Plumber worker
  11. Formwork worker
  12. Installation fitter
  13. Installation lifter
  14. Plumber
  15. Ventilator
  16. Pump operator
  17. Water supply equipment maintenance fitter
  18. Water supply equipment electrician
  19. Water supply meter
  20. Water supply plumber
  21. Transformer and distribution operator,
  22. Road Builder
  23. Sewer Worker
  24. Pumping Station Operator
  25. Asphalt Worker
  26. Asphalt Concrete Paver Operator
  27. Green Chemical
  28. Gardener

Special type of work

  1. Electrician
  2. Plumber
  3. Crane driver
  4. Excavator driver
  5. Tower crane driver
  6. Bulldozer driver
  7. Furnace builder
  8. Pile worker
  9. Medium Small construction machinery operator
  10. Construction hoist cable signal operator
  11. Construction hoist driver
  12. Material hoist driver
  13. Excavating machinery operator
  14. Construction tower crane operator
  15. Earth shovel transport machinery operator
  16. Pile Industrial machinery operators
  17. Road roller machinery operators
  18. Road machinery operators;
  19. Concrete machinery operators
  20. Aerial work machinery operators
  21. Elevator installation and maintenance workers;
  22. Steel pre-stressed machinery operators
  23. Mechanical parking Equipment operator
  24. Mechanical parking equipment operator
  25. High-altitude building cleaner

Engineering Job Vacancies in Dubai - Construction Job Vacancies in Dubai


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