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About Human Capital Management (HCM)– Global HR Solutions

HCM Global Group is Leading Manpower Recruitment Agency situated in Abu Dhabi – UAE. We are Specialized in Executive Search, Talent Acquisition and Blue Collar Worker Recruitment from Overseas and UAE.

HCM Global give expert Employment and HR warning administrations to Oil and Gas, Construction and Infra structure, Facility Management, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistic and appropriation, IT Sector and Administration and Security Management.

With Head Office in Abu Dhabi and presence universally with our workplaces in Pakistan, Vietnam, Georgia, Romania, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, India, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Uganda. We give a genuine Global Reach. Among the Recruitment Agencies in UAE, We have created our edge to be had practical experience in selecting Blue Collar Workers, Staff and Management Candidates from abroad and UAE.

HCM Group Vacancies

Job Responsibilities:

a. Support Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA) access and work control
b. Operation support of Radiation and Radioactivity survey and Radiation Monitoring System(RMS)
c. Area decontamination, and PPE laundry
d. Radioactive waste collection, segregation, treatment, packing, transportation and storage
e. Health Physics Support

RCA access and work control

1.1.1 RCA access control (access control, contamination monitoring)
1.1.2 Support radiation exposure management (issue and collect ADR, input ADR exposure data to OMS)
1.1.3 Control carry-in/out material to/from RCA ( contamination survey, documentation, posting verification, RCA boundary monitoring)
1.1.4 RCA work control (personal contamination survey and decontamination, area contamination control, shielding, containment dose control, radiological posting, operation of portable contamination monitors)
1.1.5 Perform workplace monitoring before/during/after radiation work (dose rate, surface/air contamination) and Job coverage
1.1.6 Support Gaseous and Liquid effluent release permit (sampling, analysis) during night or weekend
1.1.7 Support Health Physics facilities and equipment management
1.1.8 Control of hazardous substance (in/out RCA)
1.1.9 Periodic or emergent RCA Radiation survey, documentation and inputting measurement data into OMS, survey map preparation
1.1.10 Woman access, decontamination and rescue support

Radiation and Radioactivity survey and Radiation Monitoring System(RMS) operation

1.2.1 Support RMS operation
1.2.2 Radiation and Radioactivity survey of Protected Area and PACP
1.2.3 Carry in/out material survey from/to protected area)
1.2.4 Support counting room operation
1.2.5 Support in storage, inspection, tagging, deployment, calibration and operation of RP/RW instruments and equipment

Area Decontamination, and PPE Laundry

1.3.1 Area decontamination of RCA (survey, posting and decontamination, operate and maintain decontamination equipment)
1.3.2 Contaminated Drainage or leakage treatment posting, physical barrier installation
1.3.3 Respirators Management(Storage, Deployment, Collection, Cleaning, Drying and Inspection)
1.3.4 Support management of RP PPE and consumables (check inventory, field placement)

Radioactive Waste Treatment

1.4.1 Support Radioactive Waste Management according to waste minimization plan and operation of RW equipment
1.4.2 Treatment of dry active waste(collection/ segregation/packing, dehydration /dry, drumming and interim storage)
1.4.3 Treatment of RCA HVAC filter train for waste minimization
1.4.4 Treatment of secondary side resin, filter
1.4.5 Sampling, sample storage and record keeping for waste characterization
1.4.6 support to dispose of Clearance Level Waste,
1.4.7 Transport and storage of radioactive waste in Low and Medium Level Radwaste Interim Building including waste drum survey, posting, transport and transport route survey, storage and record keeping)
1.4.8 Operation of compactor, shredder
1.4.9 Operation of Folk-lift and waste transportation Truck
1.4.10 Operation of Polymer Solidification System for both Concentrate Waste and Spent Resin
1.4.11 Operation of CTS(Concentrate Treatment System)
1.4.12 Spent Filter handling machine operation and spent filter storage
1.4.13 Support Nawah to manage Low and Medium Level Radwaste Storage Building (routine survey, drum inventory control, instruments and equipment management, documentation)

Health Physics Support

1.5.1 Support Dosimetry (input workers qualification data in terms of medical exam, RP training and whole body counting, input dose and access data into the OMS)
1.5.2 Support Whole Body Counter (WBC) operation
1.5.3 Support TLD reading system operation
1.5.4 Routine check, calibration and distribution of ADR
1.5.5 Maintenance of radiation/radioactivity measurement equipment

Other Benefits:

Food, Accommodation & Transportation Provided by Company.

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