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NEOM was picked as the task's true name with the backing of the Establishing Board; it is a genuine portrayal of NEOM's objective and the truth that will be accomplished - Allah willing - to assist with making a brilliant future for people in the future.

MYP Teacher (Arabic Language and Literature) Job  in NEOM City, Saudi Arabia

NEOM  – NEOM City, Saudi Arabia

  • Job Location:-NEOM City, Saudi Arabia
  • Company:- NEOM 
  • Education: –Bachelor of Education specializing in Arabic Language & Literature or Arabic Language and Literature Subject Degree
  • Gender:- Male / Female      Saudi national a plus
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- Negotiable
  • Job Type:- Full-Time
  • Job ID:- 9725
  • Job Categories:- Teaching

About NEOM 

This is the means by which NEOM was made and how its maker, His Imperial Height, Crown Ruler Mohammed container Salman, imagined it when he laid out its establishments to be the future, a power of progression and change, even before it was even sent off. Along these lines, it was imagined that “what’s to come” would be laced with NEOM’s crucial personality, name, values, and vision. Therefore, NEOM is… For the future and for what’s to come.

His Imperial Height Ruler Mohammed receptacle Salman, the Crown Sovereign and Executive of the NEOM Directorate examined and considered by individuals from the undertaking’s Establishing Board as well as experts and experts nearby an OK name for such a venture with an overall viewpoint. The quest for a name to impart the personality and imagery of this fantastic project was one of the planned things when the Board held its underlying gatherings to examine associated issues; HRH saw that the term communicates the social and civilizational character of the venture’s comprehensiveness. There were various discussions with respect to the name’s significance and the way that it should catch the venture’s overall personality, the human angle, and phenomenal aspiration.

Preceding arranging and testing the arrangements of names proposed by the counseling group, the genuine name assignment venture began with the meaning of standards, characteristics, and conditions, all of which bear an unmistakable and strong vision for choice. As per the measures and guidelines, the rundown of 2,000 names was additionally sliced to 150 names, then, at that point, to five names. In any case, not a single one of them was picked or acknowledged.

Consequently, NEOM was picked as the task’s true name with the backing of the Establishing Board; it is a genuine portrayal of NEOM’s objective and the truth that will be accomplished – Allah willing – to assist with making a brilliant future for people in the future. From there on out, the NEOM lights have crested through the sky, declaring a splendid sunrise, a confident future, and a prosperous living in a land made by the person to serve all humankind.

neom2 MYP Teacher (Arabic Language and Literature)


Job Title -MYP Teacher (Arabic Language and Literature) Jobs in NEOM City, Saudi Arabia

Responsibilities :

  •     Design, prepare and deliver a high-quality curriculum for grades within the IB MYP framework to suit the individual needs of all students
    •    Nurture meaningful relationships with students and provide the individual attention they need
    •     Inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging yet inclusive and engaging learning opportunities for all students
    •    Maintain a safe learning environment for students
    •    Assess and monitor student progress and provide targets so that all learners can see success and improve incessantly
    •     Liaise with the Head of School and the learning services coordinator to
    •    ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom
    •     Assume responsibility for the pastoral care of a class of students, paying
    •    particular attention to personal development and child protection
    •    Collaborate with other teachers to deliver an interdisciplinary curriculum and share new ideas, approaches and professional knowledge
    •    Communicate accurately and regularly with parents
    •    Observe students’s individual learning progress and outcomes during sessions, assess individual learning needs and use outcomes to inform planning for future learning
    •    Monitor and assure the quality of learning in the class group, identifying and supporting areas in need of development
    •    Maintain accurate records of students’s learning, progress and monitor their safety and well-being at all times
    •    Attend all appropriate professional training and development in accordance with the school’s needs and aspects identified as outcomes of annual appraisal discussions
    •    Ensure that equipment in use is safe, hygienic and in a good state of repair
    •    Maintain up to date current knowledge regarding IB  MYP best practice and contribute to ongoing research and improvement in collaboration with the MYP Team
    •    Participate in school activities outside regular school hours to include, but
    not limited to ECA, school trips, staff meetings, parent’s evenings, professional development training sessions, conferences and workshops, induction and if applicable examination supervision.
    •    Participate in Extra Curricular Activities as required, at the discretion of the Head of School
    Student & Family


    •    Present and maintain a highly professional profile at all times, representing the school appropriately in all client-facing situations and respecting the cultural and religious sensitivities of the region
    •    Have the ability to communicate with adults presenting from different societal and cultural backgrounds, and encourage their interaction and engagement with the school
    •    Be responsible for all adults and students being considered as valued individuals and equals, embracing diversity and promoting equity for all members of the NEOM Community
    •    Forge authentic processes to engage parents in the learning process and encourage active contributions from parents on a regular basis

Educational requirements:

  • Bachelor of Education specializing in Arabic Language & Literature or Arabic Language and Literature Subject Degree

Experience requirements:

  • MYP teaching experience

Desired Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    Passion for EC12 education and Teaching Arabic Language
    Strong knowledge of modern pedagogy, methodology, and resources to support Arabic Language Learners
    Organized, patient & resilient manner
  •   Have a mature, responsible and positive disposition and be able to work flexibly as member of the whole school team under the direction of the Head of School and independently when required;
    •    Have sound understanding of the importance of students’s learning and development in the MYP Years and have the ability to identify and support staff in developing professional skills according to need
    •    Be open minded and willing to further their knowledge and development by attending training courses, sharing information gained with colleagues, and maintaining updated knowledge of international MYP Years best practice by reading, researching and attending relevant training;
    •    Exemplify high standards in practice and provision at all times
    •    Have up to date knowledge of Health & Safety regulations with specific reference to students’s wellbeing, learning and facilities
    •    Have up to date and practical knowledge of best practice in learning and play materials and techniques which encourage students to have respect for differences in academic ability, gender, cultural background, race and ethnicity


  • MA/M.ED second degree or further relevant qualification


Will be negotiated



Will be negotiated


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