Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners in 2024

Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners in 2021
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Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners

In this article, we are going to clarify the Admission requirements for Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners in 2024. The Kuwaiti parliament has approved the decision of allowing non-Kuwaitis to join the army.  The draft law limits the use of experts or consultants to those with rare specializations, for which there are no Kuwaitis available, and thus non-Kuwaiti specialists or experts in the army may be accepted by secondment or contracting, and thus the “Bidoon / Bedoon” will be allowed to join the army.

  1. Defending the homeland is a legal and constitutional duty and its security for every citizen, because they are all partners in its goods and security.
  2. The National Military Service Law stipulated its enforcement and implementation as of May 10, 2017, thus including those born on May 10, 1999 and beyond, up to the age of thirty-five.
  3. Every Kuwaiti male who has completed his eighteen years of age must present himself within sixty days from the date of reaching this age to the National Military Service Authority in the
    registration areas in the governorate to which his residence belongs, or in any of the state’s governorates.
  4. Failure to register and to call for its procedures and to join the service exposes the violator to prosecution, an additional period of active service, deprivation of work, travel ban and imprisonment for a period of up to three years.
  5. The law established guarantees to preserve the rights and aspirations of taxpayers for the future, academic, career, family, and health, and to secure salaries, rewards and allowances.

Requirements for Foreigners Joining the Qatari Army in 2024

Kuwait army recruitment
Kuwait army recruitment

About Kuwait Army

The Kuwaiti Armed Forces are the regular force of the State of Kuwait and consist of the land force, the navy, and the air force. The army was established in 1948 when the Border Force was formed within the Public Security Department.

Kuwaiti army participated with other Arab armies in the Arab wars against Israel, sending Kuwait Brigade Yarmouk to Egypt immediately after the outbreak of the 1967 war, the Kuwaiti stationing of troops and remained on the Egyptian throughout the front war of attrition, as existed during the October War in 1973 through Jahra Force, also participated The army in its branches in the invasion of Kuwait to address the Iraqi forces. In addition to his participation in the war to liberate Kuwait in 1991, and his participation in the 2015 Decisive Storm.

The Kuwaiti army was established in 1948 during the era of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, two years after Kuwait exported its first oil shipment in the summer of 1946. A new one called the “Border and Security Force”, whose name was changed in 1953 to the “Kuwaiti Army”, and the army at that time was divided into two main sections, the security forces and the border guards and the security forces specialized in fixed guard duties in the Kuwait City wall and gate and guarding Important government buildings while the duties of the border guards were mobile guards maintaining security outside the walls through patrols that prevent the entry of infiltrators across the border and chasing smugglers

While the nucleus of the Air Force was established in the Kuwaiti army in 1953 after the founding of the Aviation Club, which was affiliated at the time of the Department of Public Security, which was also the army subordinate to it, the club 8 aircraft included British types Autocar and Oagelet training was the graduation of the first pilots Kuwaitis in 1954, Then they were sent to the UK for advanced training,

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Where you can perform the service as the Kuwait army

  • State security
  • Ministry of interior
  • Ministry of defense and armed forces
  • The Supreme Council for the preservation of national security.
  • Institutions and other bodies operating in a military system and others.
Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners in 2021
Kuwait army job requirements for foreigners in 2024

Conditions for Joining the service

  • The volunteer should be one of the sons of the martyred soldiers.
  • The volunteer must be one of the children of the captured and missing military personnel (still in captivity).
  • Volunteer must be one of the children of the military returning from captivity or loss (not currently on the job).
  • The volunteer must be one of the sons of the military participating in the war to liberate the State of Kuwait.
  • The volunteer should be one of the sons of the soldiers participating in the Arab wars.
  • Volunteer must be one of the children of the military not participating in wars (at the head of his work and serving 30 actual years).
  • The volunteer must be a son of the military whose service ended before August 2, 1990.
  • The volunteer must be an illegal resident who held the 1965 census.
  • Volunteer must have completed 18 years and not be more than 30 years old.
  • The volunteer must be medically fit for military service.
  • The height of the volunteer should not be less than 160 cm.
  • Volunteer must be of good conduct and behavior.
  • The volunteer must pass the personal interview.
  • That the volunteer has not been previously convicted of a felony or a crime involving dishonesty and dishonesty unless he has been rehabilitated
  • That he has not been previously dismissed from service with any government agency by a court ruling or a final disciplinary decision.
  • If the volunteer is an employee, he must submit his resignation upon final acceptance and bring proof of that.

UAE Army job requirements for foreigners in 2024

Required Documents

  • The original valid security card and 5 copies of it.
  • The original valid civil ID for those who hold other nationalities and 5 copies of it.
  • Original birth certificate and 3 copies of it.
  • The mother’s original nationality, the original passport of a non-Kuwaiti woman, or the security card of the illegal resident, and 3 copies of it.
  • The last educational certificate obtained (the original) and certified and 3 copies of it.
  • 8 personal photos, size 6/4, ghutra and iqal, not instant.
  • A copy of the original marriage contract of the married person, a copy of her, and a copy of the wife’s nationality if she is Kuwaiti.
  • When submitting documents, it must be taken into account that they are valid and valid.
  • After completing the registration process, the applicant must print the form on the registration page and bring it to the volunteer recruitment branch on the date specified in the email sent to the volunteer.

Exceptions to service in the military

people who are excluded from service in the army.

  1. Military men who work in the agencies described in Article 6 of the Federal Law of 2014 regarding reserve and national service
  2. Students in schools, institutes, colleges, and military training centers in the armed forces or in the ministry of the interior and in institutions and bodies that operate under the military system. But with the condition of graduation.
  3. Eliminated From performing military service. But by a decision of the supreme commander through his deputy.


Register for Kuwait Army jobs via the volunteer recruitment website link

Email – kns.info@kns.gov.kw

Call – Direct 1844411 Ext 60026


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