25 Tips for a Winning Resume

25 Tips for a Winning Resume
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25 Tips for a Winning Resume.

Here We are providing you with 25 Tips for a Winning Resume that can be found in every step of the resume writing process.

  1. Choose a clean layout – You can find free templates on Free CV Templates.
  2. Choose a readable font, such as Helvetica, Calibri, or Tahoma (You can avoid Times New Roman!)
  3. The resume should not exceed 2-3 pages.
  4. Recent work experience is preferred – (Current to first in Descending order)
  5. While describing your job responsibilities. Also, Write down your achievements in each position. For example, “Reduce software defects by 25%.”
  6. Use bold fonts to indicate names and titles.
  7. List the core skills on the first page (Only the key skills are listed on the First page, Other skills can be listed on the last page).
  8. Imagine that your resume will be faxed and scanned many times, so please use a relatively large font.
  9. Be brief and compact.
  10. In the beginning, point out some of the highlights of your skills and achievements.
  11. List interests and hobbies. Give yourself a chance to talk about them during the interview, a chance to break the ice.
  12. List a list of skills on the last page. The content includes the name of the skill, the skill level, and the time of the last application. For example, “Java | Expert | 2009”.
  13. Name your resume file so that people can easily identify it (for example, Mohamed_Resume.doc).
  14. Send your resume in Word and PDF format.
  15. Do not make grammatical or spelling errors.
  16. Add a cover letter to provide more information on why you are seeking the position. – You can find free templates on Free Cover Letter Templates.
  17. If you are a fresh graduate, attach your college grades (if you have good grades :))
  18. Whenever you submit your resume, make sure you can confidently explain the resume in the interview.
  19. Use strong active verbs. For example, “developing a human resource system” is better than “assisting in the development of a human resource system.”
  20. There is no need to list everything that has been done in the past. Doing so will make the resume unpresentable, so the main points are should be clear and bold.
  21. Leave a lot of blank spaces. Managers and interviewers like to write on them.
  22. Your work experience can be listed in descending order of topic (professional field) or year.
  23. Indicate the technology/software used in each work position. Employers need to find out when and where you used a given technology.
  24. Make sure that your resume does not lose any formatting when you cut and paste it into a text file. Many recruitment agencies will paste your resume into the database. If your resume format is fancy, some content may be in the wrong position when you cut and paste it.
  25. Do not use “resume” or “resume” as the title of the document. That’s too unremarkable.
Here You Can Download Our Professional CV / Cover Letter Templates for FREE

Here You Can Download Our Professional CV / Cover Letter Templates for FREE

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