Best ways to Write a CV That Will Get You Interviews in Dubai – 2023

Best ways to Write a CV That Will Get You Interviews in Dubai - 2022
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The Best ways to Write a CV That Will Get You Interviews in Dubai – 2023

In order to grab a good job in Dubai, you should know how to present yourself, your qualifications, and your experience in the best possible way. In this article, we are providing you with the best ways to Write a CV That Will Get You Interviews in Dubai.

Using the right format and design will help you make a positive first impression with a prospective employer. In addition, make sure to include any licenses or certifications that you have, as these will be more readily recognized in Dubai than in your home country.

How to present yourself and your capabilities and qualifications to secure a good job in Dubai in 2023

1. About Dubai Job Market

The job market in Dubai is incredibly competitive. While the average number of jobs available in the UAE is much lower than that of developed countries, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for newcomers.

The population is much lower than the average number of workers, so the supply of jobs is low. This means that recruiters are more selective in their hiring. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to present yourself and your skills to secure a good job in Dubai in 2023.

Resume CV Cover Letter 1 Best ways to Write a CV That Will Get You Interviews in Dubai - 2023

2. Things to consider before applying for a job in Dubai

A. create a note of your skills and experiences

Before applying for a job, you should create a note of your skills and experience. This will allow you to tailor your resume based on the type of position you’re applying for. A resume is the first thing employers will see, so make it unique and interesting.

B. Update on your CV

Before applying for a position, it’s important to understand the job requirements and to update your CV for the Job requirements.

Additional Note:- 

Trade publications and annual business reports are excellent sources for information about the industry. It’s also helpful to make contact with people in your professional network, family, and friends. In addition, former classmates and instructors may be able to help you. In addition to networking, prepare an elevator speech that describes your skills and career objectives. It’s also helpful to include a question that provokes conversation.

A well-presented CV is important when applying for a job in Dubai. If you are not connected to local businesses, consider registering with a job agency and allowing them to send you suitable jobs. This way, they’ll help you get prepared for the interview process.

When applying for a job in Dubai, it’s important to consider whether the job is financially viable for you. If the job doesn’t cover housing costs, you’ll need to consider whether you can support yourself. In some cases, you may have to live outside the city limits. In addition, if you’re a female, you may have to consider the possibility of being discriminated against due to your gender.

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What type of CV design works best in Dubai

1. Use the Best CV Template which suits your profession

A creative resume can be a great option for people looking for a new job in the booming Dubai market. You can Free Download Professional CV Templates Here if you do not know where to start. 

However, it’s important to remember that the best CV design for Dubai will depend on the type of industry you’re targeting. While western employers tend to favour resumes with standard layouts, Middle Eastern employers tend to be more receptive to more creative and informative documents.

2. Insert a Photo to your CV

Most companies in Dubai prefer CVs with a photo. While this type of CV design is less common for senior roles or multinationals, it is a must for customer-facing positions. Make sure that the image is professionally shot and of a good quality. It’s also a good idea to avoid using a selfie or anything provocative.

3. Create a Good Opening Summary

The most important part of a CV is the opening summary. This section should be a clear marketing tool that describes why you’re the best candidate for a particular role. Using bullet points, demonstrate your accomplishments and make them quantifiable.

4. The length of your CV

The length of your CV will depend on your years of experience. A one-page CV is perfectly acceptable if you’ve never worked in the Middle East before, while a two-page CV is a more appropriate format for job seekers with five years of experience and more.

5. Make sure to insert all the professional Information

A typical CV layout consists of a title page, personal details page, and a work experience page. A key piece of advice for Dubai CV design is to get straight to the point. A recruiter wants to see the most relevant information on the first page. If your resume is too long, it may not contain enough information to convince them of your suitability for the position.

6. Mention Your Nationality

Another important factor for a successful UAE CV is the nationality of the applicant. If you are a dual national, be sure to specify both nationalities. Most UAE companies sponsor family visas and even cover benefits for dependents. Likewise, your driving license is important if the job you’re applying for requires extensive travel.

7. Professional Qualifications and other additional Qualifications

A UAE CV design emphasizes your most recent two educational qualifications. These will include any relevant diploma courses you’ve undertaken, such as an MBA. The reverse chronological format will be the most intuitive for recruiters and applicant tracking software. However, it can be difficult to format your resume in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd. Luckily, there’s a tool called Zety that can help you do it.

8. Completing your CV

A good CV design is an essential element of any job search in Dubai. The wrong design can hurt your chances of getting a job. It must be tailored to suit the job market. Therefore, it’s vital to invest some time and thought into developing a winning CV.

A CV is a comprehensive document that highlights your skills, education, and experience. A CV should be tailored to the job you’re applying for, and it’s best to avoid using a CV that is copied from someone else’s.

Certifications and licenses  on the CV

1. Importance of mentioning Certifications and licenses in Dubai

Certifications and licenses are more likely to be recognized in Dubai than your home country’s local certifications. If we take the teaching field there are several factors to consider when applying for a teaching license in Dubai. In most cases,

For example:- A teacher’s license is granted only to individuals who have completed an approved training program. The training should provide the teacher with knowledge of the UAE educational system. The minimum salary for a teacher in Dubai is 565,000 AED a year. The pay is not subject to personal income tax.

If your training and experience are recognized internationally, you can expect your credentials to be more easily identified in Dubai than in your home country. Internationally-accredited certifications are always preferred by employers, particularly those from US or UK professional bodies. Be sure to highlight any relevant credentials you have, especially if your certifications are recognized in Dubai by the Dubai government. Also, if you’re planning to work in real estate, make sure you have the required licensing from the RERA.

Most MOEs in the Middle East prefer teachers with Bachelor’s degrees and teacher training in their respective fields. However, a teacher with an English, Maths, or Science degree plus a PGCE is likely to be accepted. However, it is important to note that a degree in a subject that is not related to education is unlikely to be recognized in Dubai. However, a degree in a related field can be accepted, provided that it is in line with the age-appropriate level.

Certifications and licenses from American medical schools are generally recognized by the UAE. However, licensure requirements differ from country to country. In the UAE, doctors must hold a valid state medical license and have ABMS certification. Additionally, candidates who have completed an osteopathic training program do not need additional examinations.

Teaching in a public school in the UAE is a lucrative opportunity. However, the job market is extremely competitive. Most teachers do not know their placement until after they arrive in the Emirates, so flexibility and a sense of adventure are important qualities to have. Furthermore, the UAE is implementing a new school model that is aimed at improving public education. Teach Away has been working with the Abu Dhabi Education Council since 2009 to improve the education system.

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2. Mention your Status of UAE Driving License

Driving permits in the UAE are recognized internationally. The current version of the license is a laminated plastic card, similar to a European driving license. It features a photo of the bearer and name in Latin or Cyrillic script, and includes the date and place of issue. It also lists the categories of driving and has the bearer’s signature. It is generally recognized and accepted by all signatory countries to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

3. Mention if you have any other licenses and certifications

There are many different kinds of licenses and certifications, and they all require additional education. Some are not required for working in the country, but they will enhance your resume. For example, a phlebotomy technician certification will help you land a job in the healthcare industry. Others are required to pass an exam.

Good luck with your job search!


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