65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai – UAE

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

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65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai – UAE

Here we have concluded 65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai based on multiple surveys and interviews conducted with the HR professionals from multiple leading companies from Dubai.

How to answer job interview questions in Dubai

There are many possible answers to a single job interview question. Job interview questions in Dubai are characterized by logic and intelligence and this is what matters to the HR managers in the recruitment process. where it is not recommended to memorize one specific answer to interview questions during employment in a job so that the applicant must show that he is the right person worthy of that job interview through his answers indicating his logical thinking and strong personality.

Therefore, we will provide you with 65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai – UAE.

1. Please introduce yourself

Answer Tips: Most people answer this question too often, only name, age, hobbies, work experience, these are all on the resume. In fact, what the unit most expects to understand is whether the job seeker is qualified for the job, including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth study of the knowledge area, the most attentive part of the personality, the most successful things that have been done, the main achievements, etc. Both can have nothing to do with learning, and can also be related to learning, but it is necessary to highlight the individuality of the intention and the potential of doing things, and the unit will believe it if it is reasonable and reasonable. The unit attaches great importance to the politeness of a person. Job applicants should respect the interviewer and say “thank you” after answering each question. The unit likes polite job applicants.

2. What do you think is the greatest strength of your personality?

Answer Tips: calm and calm, well-organized, firm, tenacious, helpful and caring for others, adaptive potential and sense of humor, optimism and friendship. I have gone through one to two years of training and project combat in XX, plus internship, which makes me suitable for this job.

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3. Talk about your biggest shortcoming

Answer Tips: This question is very likely to be asked by the unit. Usually, it is not expected to hear the shortcomings of the direct answer. If the job seeker says that he pays attention to his eyes, loves jealousy, is lazy, has a big temper, and has low work efficiency. Will hire you. Never answer wisely, “My biggest shortcoming is too much pursuit of perfection.” Some people think that such an answer will appear to be better, but in fact, he is already in danger. The unit likes job seekers to start with their own strengths, add some minor shortcomings in the middle, and finally turn the problem back to the strengths, highlight the advantages, the unit likes smart job seekers.

4. Your views on overtime

Answer Tips: In fact, many units will ask this question, not to prove that you have to work overtime, just to test whether you are willing to contribute to the company.

Answer sample: If it is for work, I will be obliged to work overtime. I am single at the moment, without any family burden, and I can devote myself to work. But at the same time, I will also improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime.

5. Your salary requirements

Answer Tips: If your salary requirement is too low, it obviously degrades your potential; if your salary requirement is too high, it will appear that you are too heavy and the company cannot afford it. Some employers usually set a budget for the job they are applying for in advance, so the first price they offer is often the highest price they can give. They just want to verify whether the money is enough to cause you Interest in work.

Answer sample 1: I have no hard and fast requirements on salary. I believe that your company will be friendly and reasonable in handling my problems. I focus on finding the right job opportunities, so as long as the conditions are fair, I don’t account for too much.

Answer sample 2: I have been trained in systematic software programming, and I don’t need much training, and I am also interested in programming personality. Therefore, I hope that the company can give me a reasonable salary according to my situation and the level of market standards.

Answer sample 3: If you must tell the specific number yourself, please don’t say a broad range, then you will only get the minimum number. It is best to give a specific number to prove that you have conducted a survey of today’s talent market and understand the value of employees with academic qualifications like yourself.

6. In five years, your career plan

Answer Tips: This is a question that every applicant does not expect to be asked, but almost everyone will be asked, and the answer is “manager”. But in recent years, many companies have established specialized technical approaches. These job positions are often referred to as “consultants”, “conference technicians” or “senior software engineers” and so on. Of course, it is also possible to name other positions you are interested in, such as product sales manager, production manager and other jobs that have a background related to your major. Understand that the examiner always likes enterprising candidates. If you say “don’t understand” at this time, you may lose a good opportunity. The most common answer should be “I am ready to make a difference in the technical field” or “I hope to develop in accordance with the company’s management thinking.”

7. What your friends say about you

Answer Tips: I want to understand your personality and getting along with others from the side.

Answer sample 1: My friends say that I am a trustworthy person. Because once I promise someone else’s thing, I must be able to do it. If I can’t do it, I won’t make promises lightly.

Answer sample 2: I think I am a relatively easy-going person, and I can get along well with different people. When I get along with people, I can always think from the perspective of others.

8. Do you have any questions?

Answer Tips: This question of the unit may seem dispensable, but it is actually very important. The unit does not like people who say “no problem” because it attaches great importance to the personality and innovation potential of employees. The unit does not like job seekers to ask questions about personal benefits. If someone asks: Does your organization have any training programs for new employees, can I participate, or what kind of promotion mechanism your organization will welcome? , Because it reflects your enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to the company and your self-motivated.

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9. If we hired you through this interview, but found that you were not suitable for this position after working for a period of time, what would you do?

Answer Tips: I find that work is not suitable for me for a period of time. There are two situations:

If you really love this profession, then you have to keep learning, humbly learn business knowledge and experience from leaders and colleagues, and understand the spiritual connotation and spirit of this profession. Career requirements, strive to reduce the gap;

If you think this career is dispensable, then you should change your career as soon as possible to find a career that suits you and you love, so that your development prospects will be bigger, both for the unit and the individual benefit.

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

10. When completing a certain job, you think that the method required by the leader is not the best, and you have a better method, what should you do

Answer Tips:

①. In principle, I will respect and obey the work arrangement of the leader, and at the same time, I will look for opportunities in private to express my thoughts tactfully and see if the leader can change his mind.

②.If the leader does not accept my recommendation, I will also earnestly complete the work according to the leader’s requirements.

③.There is also a situation. If the method requested by the leader violates the principle, I will resolutely raise an objection. If the leader is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to report it to the superior.

11. If you make mistakes in your work and cause economic losses to your unit, what do you think should be done?

Answer Tips:

I originally intended to work hard for the unit. If economic losses are caused, I think the first problem is to find ways to make up or recover the economic losses. If I have no potential to be responsible, I expect the unit to help solve it.

Separate responsibilities and take responsibility for each. If it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; if it is someone else’s mistake in the team I am responsible for, I can’t take pleasure in the misfortune. As a team, we need to support each other to complete the work, comfort colleagues and help. Colleagues find out the reasons and sum up their experience.

Summarize experience and lessons. It is impossible for a person to make mistakes in his life. The important thing is to learn from one’s own or others’ mistakes, and to avoid similar mistakes in future work. Review your own working methods and analyze whether the depth and strength of the problem are not enough, which leads to mistakes that can be avoided.

12. If a job you do is praised by a superior, but your supervisor says it was done by him, what should you do?

Answer Tips: I will not ask the superior leader to explain this matter first, I will take the initiative to find my supervisor to communicate, because communication is the best way to solve the interpersonal relationship, but there will be two results: ①My supervisor The leader recognizes his own mistakes, I think I will decide whether to forgive him depending on the specific situation. ② He threatened me even more vigorously, then I would not hesitate to ask my superiors to report the matter, because his doing so would have a negative impact and be detrimental to my future work.

13. Talk about your views on job-hopping

Answer Tips:

Normal “job-hopping” can promote the reasonable flow of talents, so it should be supported.

Frequent job-hopping is detrimental to both the unit and the individual, so we should oppose it.

14. You have difficulty getting along with colleagues and bosses at work, what should you do

Answer Tips:

I will obey the leader’s command and cooperate with the work of my colleagues.

I will find the reasons from myself, and carefully analyze whether my bad work makes the leader dissatisfied and colleagues can’t bear it. We also need to see if we are not doing a good job in dealing with others. If this is the case, I will try to correct it.

If I can’t find the reason, I will find an opportunity to communicate with them, ask them to point out my shortcomings, and correct them in time.

As an excellent employee, you should always focus on the overall situation. Even if the leaders and colleagues do not understand me for a period of time, I will do my job well and learn from them humbly. I believe that they will see me working hard. , Will smile at me someday.

15. Suppose you work in a certain unit and have outstanding results, and you are affirmed by the leader. But at the same time, you find that your colleagues are getting more and more isolated from you. How do you think about this problem and what do you plan to do?

Answer Tips:

The results are outstanding. It is definitely a good thing to get the leadership. I will work harder in the future.

Review whether your enthusiasm for work is greater than the enthusiasm for communication between colleagues, and strengthen the communication and common interests among colleagues.

Do not hurt the self-esteem of others at work.

Fiddle with right and wrong before you stop leading.

16. Have you recently participated in a training course? Talk about the training course materials. Is it sponsored by the unit or participated at one’s own expense

Answer Tips: Participate at your own expense, which is the training course of XX (can talk more about the technology you have learned).

17. How much do you know about our unit

Answer Tips: check the company’s main business online before going to the unit for an interview. Such as the answer: Your organization intends to change its strategy and strengthen OEM cooperation with major foreign manufacturers, and part of its own brand is through overseas distributors.

18. Please state your motivation for choosing this job

Answer Tips: This is to understand the enthusiasm and understanding of the interviewer for the job, and to select those who take the test on a whim. If you are an inexperienced person, you can emphasize that “even if the job type is different, I also hope to have the opportunity to perform before experience of”.

19. What is your best technical direction

Answer Tips: It’s no harm to show your enthusiasm for courses related to the position you are applying for.

20. What can you bring to our unit?

Answer Tips:

If you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their costs-“I have understood XX’s professional training for the past two years, and I will be able to work immediately.”

The unit really wants to understand what future employees can do for the unit. The job seeker should repeat his own advantages again and say: “As far as my potential is concerned, I can be an excellent employee to fulfill his potential in the organization and bring high levels to the organization. Efficiency and more benefits”. Units like job seekers to prove their potential for the positions they apply for. For example, when applying for positions in marketing, they can say: “I can develop a lot of new customers, and at the same time, I can provide more comprehensive and thoughtful services to old customers and develop old customers’ New demand and consumption.” And so on.

21. What are the three words that best summarize yourself?

Answer Tips: The three words I often use are: strong adaptability, responsible and consistent in doing things, explain to the chief examiner with specific examples,

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22. What is your hobby?

Answer Tips: Find someone who is full of team spirit, there is a true story: Someone was rejected because his hobby is deep sea diving. The examiner said: Because this is a solo event, I’m not sure if he can adapt to group work.

23. Give me a score as an interviewee

Answer Tips: Try to list four advantages and a very, very, very small disadvantage (to complain about the facilities, no one will mind if there is no clear responsibility for the shortcomings).

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

24. How do you understand the position you are applying for?

Answer Tips: Explain the job responsibilities and tasks and work attitude.

25. What do you like about this job?

Answer Tips: I believe that everyone must have an answer in their hearts! Everyone has different values, and the standard of natural judgment will also be different. However, when answering the question of the interviewer, you can’t say your own psychological words too directly, especially It’s a salary issue, but some innocuous answers are good thoughts, such as convenient transportation, the nature of the job and the information that fits your own interests, etc. are all good answers, but if you can think about this carefully at this time I believe that the difference of the job will greatly increase the score in the interview.

26. Why resign

Answer Tips:

You must pay attention when answering this question. Even if you have been wronged in the previous job, you must not express any complaints about the unit. In particular, avoid criticism of the unit’s own supervisor and avoid interviewers. Negative emotions and impressions. It is recommended that the best answer at this time is to blame yourself for the problem. For example, you feel that there is no room for learning and development in your job, you want to learn more in the industry related to the job interview, or your previous job is not in line with your career plan, etc. Wait, the answer is best to be positive.

I hope to get a better job. If the opportunity comes, I will seize it. I feel that my current job has reached its peak, that is, there is no opportunity for advancement.

27. Tell me about your views on industry and technology development trends

Answer Tips: The unit is very interested in this question, and only well-prepared job applicants can pass the test. Job seekers can directly find information about the industry sector you are applying for on the Internet, and only a deep understanding can produce unique insights. The unit believes that the smartest job applicants know a lot about the unit they are interviewing, including the various departments of the unit and their development status. They can mention what they know when answering questions in the interview. Those who are welcome to enter the unit are “confidantes.” Not “blind”.

28. What are the expectations and goals for the work?

Answer Tips: This is a question used by interviewers to judge whether job applicants have the necessary level of expectations for themselves and whether they understand the job. People who have specific learning goals for work usually learn faster, and naturally easier to enter the situation for new jobs. At this time, I recommend you to find a definite answer based on the nature of the job. For example, the job of a salesperson can answer: ” My goal is to become a super salesman, sell the unit’s products widely, and achieve the best performance results; in order to achieve this goal, I must study hard, and I believe that with a serious and responsible attitude, I must be able to Reach this goal.” Other types of work can also be answered in this way, as long as the goal is slightly modified.

29. Talk about your family

Answer Tips: Asking family questions during the interview is not about understanding the job applicant’s family status and exploring confidentiality. The organization does not like to explore personal confidentiality, but to understand the shaping and influence of family background on job applicants. The focus of what the unit expects to hear is also the intentional influence of the family on the job-seekers. What the unit likes to hear most is: I love my family very much, and my family has always been harmonious. Although my father and mother are ordinary people, I have seen my father get up early and greedy the dark and have a hardworking personality every day. His actions virtually cultivated my serious and responsible attitude and hardworking spirit. My mother is kind, enthusiastic and helpful, so she is very popular in the unit, and her every word and deed has always taught me the principles of life. The unit believes that a harmonious family relationship has a subtle influence on a person’s growth.

30. With regard to the position you applied for, what do you think you still lack

Answer Tips: The unit likes to ask job applicants about their weaknesses, but savvy job applicants generally do not answer directly. They expect to see job seekers like this: continue to repeat their strengths, and then say: “For this position and my potential, I believe that I am competent, but I just lack experience. I think I will be able to enter the unit. To solve it in the shortest time, my learning potential is very strong. I believe that I can quickly integrate into the unit culture and enter the working state.” The unit likes job seekers who can cleverly avoid difficult problems.

31. What kind of personality do you admire?

Answer Tips: honest, immobile and easy to get along with, people with “actual actions”.

32. How do you usually deal with criticism from others

Answer Tips:

Silence is golden, don’t say anything, otherwise the situation will be worse, but I will understand constructive criticism.

I will wait for everyone to calm down before discussing.

33. How to deal with your failure

Answer Tips: None of us were born to be perfect. I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistakes.

34. What makes you feel fulfilled

Answer Tips: Do your best for your organization and do my best to complete a project.

35. What is the most important thing in your life right now

Answer Tips: For me, finding a job in this field is the most important thing, and being able to work in your organization is the most important thing for me.

36. Why are you willing to work in our unit?

Answer Tips:  You should pay special attention to this question. If you have done research on the unit, you can answer some detailed reasons, such as “The high-tech development environment of the unit itself is very attractive to me.”, “I was born in the same unit.” In the same era, I hope to be able to enter a company that grows up with me.”, “Your unit has always been developing steadily, and it has been very competitive in the market in recent years.”, “I think your company can bring me Give a unique development path.” This shows that you have done some investigations, and also shows that you have a more specific vision for your future.

37. Have you ever had a dispute with others? How did you resolve it?

Answer Tips: This is the most sinister question in the interview. In fact, it is a trap set by the examiner. Don’t say anyone’s fault. You should know that successfully resolving conflicts is a necessary potential for members of a collaborative group. If you work in a service industry, this issue has simply become the most important link. Whether you can get the job will depend on the answer to this question. The examiner expects to see that you are mature and dedicated. They understand your maturity and potential in the world through this question. In the absence of outside interference, it is the correct answer to solve it through compromise.

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38. Question: Which of the things you have done makes you most proud of

Answer Tips: This is an opportunity for you by the examiner to show you the potential to grasp your destiny. This will reflect your potential leadership potential and your possibility of being promoted. If you are applying for a service unit, you will most likely be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social potential and overall performance.

39. When a new department arrives, a customer comes to you to solve a problem every day. You try to make him satisfied, but you still fail to reach the satisfaction of the masses. He complains about the low efficiency of your department. What do you do at this time?

Answer Tips:

(1) First of all, I will remain calm. As a staff member, it is normal to encounter various problems at work. The key is how to recognize them, deal with them carefully, and deal with them properly.

(2) Second, I will reflect on the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. The first is to see if it is because they are really not thoughtful in solving the problem, the second is to see if the customer does not understand the relevant service regulations and asks for exceeding the requirements, and the third is to see if the customer understands the relevant regulations. But the request made is unreasonable.

(3) Again, take relative countermeasures according to the reasons. If you are really not attentive, make reasonable arrangements in accordance with the service regulations and explain to the customer; if the misunderstanding caused by the customer does not understand the policy and regulations, I will give him a further explanation to eliminate his misunderstanding ; If the customer’s request does not comply with the policy, I will clearly point it out to him.

(4) Once again, I will explain the handling of the whole matter to the leader, hoping to get his understanding and support.

(5) I will not lose my enthusiasm and dedication to work because a customer complains about me, but will always keep in mind the purpose of serving customers, and strive to become an employee who is trusted by the leadership, assured by the unit and satisfied with the customers as soon as possible.

40. What foreseeable difficulties do you have for this job

Answer Tips:

It is not advisable to directly state the specific difficulties, otherwise it may make the other party suspect that the applicant is not good enough.

Able to try circuitous tactics and tell the applicant’s attitude towards difficulties-it is normal and inevitable to have some difficulties in the work, but as long as there is perseverance, a good spirit of cooperation, and thoroughness and thoroughness in advance Any difficulty can be overcome.

Analysis: Generally, when you ask this question, the interviewer’s expectations are higher, because they are already talking about the details of the work, but the answer in the usual way of thinking is “lied” by the interviewer. When the interviewer asks this question, there are two purposes. First, see if the candidate is good at it, and if the difficulty stated is a problem that is generally unavoidable in this position. Secondly, I want to see if the candidates are using the right way to solve the problem, and whether the unit can bring such resources. Rather than trying to understand the candidate’s attitude towards difficulties.

41. If I hire you, how will you carry out your work?

Answer Tips:

If the applicant lacks sufficient knowledge about the position being applied for, it is best not to directly tell the specific method of carrying out the work.

Able to try to use roundabout tactics to answer, such as “first listen to the leadership’s instructions and requirements, then understand and familiarize yourself with the relevant situation, then formulate a recent work plan and report to the leadership for approval, and finally carry out the work according to the plan.”.

Analysis: The main purpose of this question is also to understand the job potential of the candidate and plan, methodical, and the focus is to understand the details. If the roundabout tactics mentioned in the train of thought, the interviewer will think that the question is avoided. If the person is still avoided after being guided a few times, the person will definitely not be hired.

42. What kind of superiors do you expect to work with

Answer Tips:

The applicant’s awareness of self-requirements can be determined through the applicant’s “expectations” of the superior. This is both a trap and an opportunity.

It is best to avoid specific expectations of superiors and talk more about your own requirements.

For example, “As a newcomer who has just stepped into the society, I should ask myself to become familiar with and adapt to the environment as soon as possible, instead of making any demands on the environment, as long as I can give full play to my expertise.

Analysis: A better answer to this question is to expect my superiors to give me more guidance in my work and immediately point out the mistakes in my work. In short, from the perspective of superior guidance, there will be no major mistakes.

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

43. When completing a certain job, you think that the method required by the leader is not the best, and you have a better method, what should you do

Answer Tips:

In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership’s work arrangement; at the same time, I will look for opportunities in private to express my thoughts in a tactful tone and see if the leader can change his mind.

If the leader does not accept my recommendation, I will also earnestly complete the work according to the leader’s requirements.

There is also a situation. If the method requested by the leader violates the principle, I will resolutely raise an objection. If the leader is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to report it to the superior.

44. What will you do if you disagree with your superiors?

Answer Tips:

Generally, you can answer “I will give the superiors the necessary explanations and reminders. Under this situation, I will obey the superiors’ opinions.”

If you are interviewing the general manager, and you are applying for a different position A manager, who was not present at the time, was able to answer like this: “For non-principle issues, I will obey the opinions of superiors. For major issues involving the interests of the unit, I hope to reflect to higher-level leaders.”

Analysis: The standard answer to this question is thinking

If you use the answer

You will undoubtedly die. You haven’t figured out the internal situation of the reform unit. First, you want to make a small report. No one like this dares to ask for it.

45. You lack work experience, how can you be competent for this job?

Answer Tips:

If the recruiting unit raises this question for the applicants of graduates, it means that the recruiting unit does not really care about “experience”. The key depends on how the applicant answers.

The answer to this question should best reflect the sincerity, tact, courage and dedication of the applicant.

For example, “As a fresh graduate, there is indeed a lack of work experience. Therefore, during my studies, I have always used various opportunities to do part-time jobs in this industry. I also found that actual work is far more knowledgeable and complicated than books. But. I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning potential, and I am more diligent, so I can successfully complete various tasks in part-time jobs, and the experience gained from it has also benefited me a lot. Please rest assured that your company, the school has learned and Part-time work experience makes me have to be competent for this position.” Comment: The answer in the thinking of this question is acceptable. It is better to highlight my hard-working potential and adaptability and learning potential (not academic performance).

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46. ​​You lack work experience, how can you be competent for this job?

Answer Tips:

If the recruiting unit raises this question for the applicant of the corresponding graduate, it means that the recruiting company does not really care about “experience”. The key depends on how the applicant answers.

The answer to this question should best reflect the sincerity, tact, courage and dedication of the applicant.

For example, “As a fresh graduate, there is indeed a lack of work experience. Therefore, during my studies, I have always used various opportunities to do part-time jobs in this industry. I also found that actual work is far more knowledgeable and complicated than books. But. I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning potential, and I am more diligent, so I can successfully complete various tasks in part-time jobs, and the experience gained from it has also benefited me a lot. Please rest assured that your company, the school has learned and Part-time work experience requires me to be qualified for this position.”

Analysis: The answer in the train of thought of this question is acceptable. It is better to highlight one’s hardship potential and adaptability and learning potential (not academic performance).

47. In order to do your job well, how do you get support and help from others

Answer Tips: Every company is constantly changing and developing, and you certainly expect your employees to do the same. You expect to get people who expect and welcome change because these people understand that for the company’s development, change is an important part of the company’s daily life. Such employees are often easy to adapt to changes in the company and will respond carefully to changes.

48. If you are not hired in this interview, how do you plan

Answer Tips: The society at this moment is a competitive society. This can also be seen from this interview. There must be advantages and disadvantages if there is competition, and there must be failure if there is success. There are often many difficulties and setbacks behind success. If you fail this time, it is only one time. Only through the accumulation of experience can you create a complete success. I will view this failure correctly from the following aspects:

We must dare to deal with this failure, not be discouraged in dealing with this failure, understand the reality that we will not look back after this opportunity has been lost, and reflect our psychological will and spirit. Resistance to failure. Have self-confidence and believe that you must be able to surpass yourself through hard work after experiencing this time.

Be good at reflection, and conscientiously sum up the interview experience, think and analyze, and be able to find gaps from your own perspective. Treat yourself correctly, evaluate yourself realistically, treat your strengths and weaknesses dialectically, and be a sensible person.

Get out of the shadows and overcome the psychological pressure caused by this failure, always keep in mind your weaknesses, take preventive measures, strengthen your study, and improve your own quality.

Work hard. After returning to the original unit, you must work hard and steadfastly, and strive to achieve the required results in this position.

It has always been my dream to make persistent efforts and become a national civil servant. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will still participate in the competition again.

49. If you are going to send a classmate abroad to the airport at night, but you have to handle temporary work in your unit, what should you do?

Answer Tips: I think work is the first thing, but the friendship between friends cannot be neglected. I think this question should be decided according to the specific situation at the time.

If my friend’s plane is at 9 o’clock in the evening, and my overtime can be completed at 8 o’clock, then it would be ideal. After finishing the work and going to the airport, everyone is happy.

If the work is not very urgent, and the overtime work is just to deliver the report to the office tomorrow when you go to work, then you can say hello to the leader, go to the airport and then come back to work overtime, just go to bed later.

If the work is urgent and it is impossible to take care of both, I think there are two choices.

(a) If not all units work overtime, can you ask other colleagues to take the place of the following tasks and go to the airport on your own, even if it is the moment you leave.

(b) If you can’t even do this, then you have no choice but to call your friend to explain, and I believe he will understand. After all, the work is done and the friend can still meet again.

51. Talk about successful cases you have done in the past

Answer Tips: Give an example that you are most sure of, and explain the ins and outs clearly, instead of saying a lot but not focusing on it. Don’t exaggerate and claim the credit of others as your own. In order to make sure that the person you want to use is the most suitable, many supervisors will call your previous supervisor to ask for your opinions and opinions on you, so if you lie, it’s easy Banged.

52. Talk about the things that frustrated you the most in your past work experience

Answer Tips: I have been in contact with a customer before, and I have heard that they are famous for being picky, so I have done a lot of preparation beforehand and invested a lot of time and energy. In the end, although the customer did not accept the order, but understand The extent of this has been beyond our expectation. I thought I would be able to cooperate happily from now on, but learned that the client finally chose another agent because of the budget relationship, and the previous efforts were lost. Nevertheless, I still learned a lot from this experience, such as the understanding of the industry, the tacit understanding of the entire team is also better.

Analysis: Use this to understand your tolerance for setbacks and mediation methods.

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

53. How to arrange your own time will not exclude overtime

Answer Tips: Basically, if the work is efficient and the workload is reasonable, there should be less need for overtime. But I also understand that sometimes it is difficult to avoid working overtime, and at the moment the work is based on the responsibility system, so I will allocate my time and cooperate fully.

Analysis: Although no one will work overtime willingly, they still have to show sincerity with a high degree of cooperation.

54. Why do we choose you among so many interviewers?

Answer Tips: Based on my understanding of your organization, as well as the professionalism, experience and contacts I have accumulated in this job, I believe it is the talent that your organization is looking for. In terms of work attitude and EQ, I also have a mellow and mature side, and I can cooperate happily with supervisors and colleagues.

Analysis: Don’t overly boast about your potential, or write cheques arbitrarily, such as the business that must bring the unit how much money, etc., it is easy to give people a sense of boasting and unrealistic.

55. Expectations of this position

Answer Tips: I hope to take advantage of my learning and expertise, while also absorbing your unit’s experience in this area. As far as the unit and myself are concerned, a “win-win” situation can be created.

Analysis: Before answering, you might as well ask the unit’s responsibilities and attribution for this position, because each unit’s situation is different, so as not to say a lot of ideals and aspirations but find that the bull’s head is not right.

56. Why choose this position

Answer Tips: This has always been my interest and expertise. After several years of training, I have also accumulated the necessary experience and contacts. I believe I must be qualified for this position.

Analysis: Timely cite past “great achievements” to show your familiarity with the job, but avoid overly exaggerated descriptions or show off.

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57. Why choose our company?

Answer Tips: I have read reports about your organization in newspapers and magazines before, and I am interested in the ideals I am pursuing. And the achievements of your organization in the industry are obvious to all, and there are also systems for the education, training, promotion, etc. of your employees.

Analysis: Before going to the interview, do your homework and understand the background of the unit, so that the other party thinks that you really want to get the job, not just exploring the way.

58. Do you think you are a good student at school?

Answer Tips: The recruiter of the unit is very savvy. Asking this question can test out many questions: If the job seeker has good academic performance, he will say: “Yes, my grades are very good, and all the grades are excellent. Of course, it is decided. There are many criteria for whether a student is a good student. I think grades are important during school. Other aspects including ethics, practical experience, teamwork, and communication potential are also very important. I have also done a good job in these aspects. , It should be said that I am a well-rounded student.” If the job applicant’s performance is not satisfactory, he will say: “I think the criteria for being a good student are diversified. My performance is also outstanding. For example, I have gone to many places for internships. I like working at a fast pace and under pressure. I have organized ×× activities in the student union, which has exercised my team spirit and organizational potential.” Experienced Recruiters will understand when they hear that the unit likes honest job applicants.

59. Talk about how to adapt to the new environment of office work

Answer Tips:

Everyone in the office has their own posts and responsibilities, and they are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization.

Formulate a work plan according to the leadership’s instructions and work arrangements, prepare in advance, and complete it as planned.

Ask for more instructions and report in time. If you don’t understand, ask for advice humbly.

Grasp the gap time, study more, and strive to improve one’s political quality and professional level.

60. What have you learned at work?

Answer Tips: This is a question posed by the transferee. It is recommended to answer with the characteristics of the interview job as the main basis at this time. If business work requires communication with people, you can cite examples of communication between previous jobs and experience. What are the difficulties, what experiences have been learned, and making statements by grasping these points can easily pass the test.

61. Have you ever thought of starting a business?

Answer Tips: This question can show your motivation, but if your answer is “Yes”, be sure to pay attention. The next question may be: So why don’t you do this?

62. In addition to this unit, what other units have you applied for?

Answer Tips: Very strange, this is a question that many units will ask. The intention is to understand the applicant’s job-seeking ambitions, so this is not absolutely a negative answer. Even if it is inconvenient to say the name of the unit, you should also answer “Sales the same “Product unit”, if the other units applied for are from different industries, it is easy for people to feel untrustworthy.

65 Interview Questions with Answers for Dubai - UAE

63、When will I be able to get a job?

Answer Tips: Most units will care about the time of employment. It is best to answer “If you are hired, you can go to work according to the unit’s regulations on the day of employment.” Because the handover takes at least one month, the reasons should be further explained, and the admission unit should be accommodating.

64. You did not graduate from a prestigious college

Answer Tips: Whether you graduated from a prestigious college is not important, what is important is that you have the potential to complete the job you gave me. I understand the vocational training of XX, and the skills I master are fully qualified for the work of your organization at the moment, and I am better than some prestigious colleges The fresh graduates of the school have even stronger hands-on potential. I think I am more suitable for this position in your organization.

65. How to treat academic qualifications and potential

Answer Tips: I think that as long as the degree is a college degree, it proves that I have the fundamental learning potential. For the rest, whether you are a bachelor or a doctor, the discussion on this point is not based on how much knowledge you have learned, but on what you have played in this field, which is the so-called potential issue. The level of a person’s work potential directly determines his career destiny, and the level of academic qualifications is just a stepping stone to entering a unit. If your unit puts the academic qualifications on the Ph.D., I will not be able to enter your unit. Of course, this does not have to be my personal loss. If a junior college student can complete a job, why bother to hire a doctoral student?


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