Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers
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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

In the process of Dubai school teacher interviews, some questions are Frequently asked to examine candidates’ understanding of the profession of teachers. The following is a compilation of Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers for reference purposes.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 1

Please make a brief self-introduction.

Answer Sample

I am very happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the judges and teachers. I was born in a family of teachers. My grandfather, father and mother are all teachers. When I applied for the university, I chose a normal college without hesitation. During my time at the university, I worked hard to learn various professional courses and educational theory knowledge and participated in the lecture contest and courseware contest organized by the campus to continuously improve my own quality.

When I was about to graduate, I had an internship in a middle school in the city for nearly three months. During this period, I learned a lot. I began to learn to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, and I continued to explore experience in the process of practice.

In addition, I would like to introduce my personal characteristics and hobbies. I am very easy-going and patient. I like to be with the students. In my daily life, I like reading, listening to music and writing. These are all Allow me to get fresh momentum in my ordinary life.

In summary, I think I am suitable to be a teacher, and the stage of the teacher can also fulfil my initial dream.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 2

Teachers must endure loneliness and poverty, and teachers must hold onto this pure land. Why did you choose the profession of teachers?

Answer Sample

To be a glorious teacher of the people has always been my dream and my most true ideal. I want to apply for the post of teacher not because I heard the saying “teacher is the most glorious profession under the sun”, but because I love this dedication and challenging profession very much because there are lovely children there.

Admirable colleagues, will all become an indelible mark in my life. Although teachers’ salaries are not very high, some people even say that teachers are lonely and poor, but I think teachers are rich in spirit, teaching and educating people, and achieving a career that is unmatched by other industries. This is one A great cause is a respectable cause. If God wants me to choose the wealth of wealth and the happiness of the soul, I think I will choose the latter without hesitation. This may be the fundamental reason why I choose the profession of teacher. I am willing to defend this pure land.

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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 3

What are the important factors that you think about looking for a job?

Answer Sample

I think that when looking for a job, you need to think about many factors, and you can’t make blind decisions. The first factor I think about is personality and speciality. I analyze clearly what kind of job I am most suitable for, and what kind of job can give full play to my strengths. There is nothing better than being good at it. And happy work can play a greater value; on this basis, I will think about the stability of work. A stable job is more conducive to me taking root and accumulating experience in a down-to-earth manner. Finally, the issue of wages and treatment, I compare my usual life Frugality is not a person who pays attention to material comfort. As long as I can get the realization of value, I think that salary can satisfy my basic life.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 4

What is your motivation for participating in teacher recruitment and entering the teaching team?

Answer Sample

I chose to participate in the teacher recruitment examination and entered the teaching team for the following reasons: First of all, it fits my life plan. I was determined to be a teacher as early as when I was young, so I had no hesitation in choosing the normal college when I was in college. School; Secondly, my knowledge reserve meets the requirements of being a teacher. During my four-year university career, I have accumulated a lot of educational theoretical knowledge and subject expertise, which have laid a solid foundation for me to become a teacher; once again My personality is also very suitable to be a teacher.

I like to get along with children very much. I have patience and perseverance in doing things. These are also suitable for the professional characteristics of teachers. Through an in-depth analysis of myself, I think I am suitable to be a teacher, so I came to participate in this recruitment exam, hoping to be lucky enough to be on the stage.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 5

Who is your most respected educator? Why?

Answer Sample

The educator I admire the most is Zhang Daozhen, who is known as the master of English education. I admire him for three reasons:

The first is noble personality charm. The 76-year-old Professor Zhang Daozhen enjoys a high reputation in English education circles at home and abroad. He dedicated his life experience to education and research education. It is he who leads us through every step of English education reform.

The second is his scientific and practical English teaching method. He proposed a series of methods to change the outdated book learning mode in English learning, and apply some effective methods to practical teaching.

Third, rigorous scholarship is forward-looking. Professor Zhang advocated reform of examinations, both listening and speaking and reading and writing and even listening and speaking occupy a more important position.

The profoundly thoughtful Professor Zhang Daozhen conquered me with his unique personality charm, scientific working attitude, and rigorous academic thinking. I will uphold his old man’s thinking and attitude, and work silently and bravely on the road of English teaching in the future. Go forward and create the brilliance of English teaching.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 6

Talk about your views on the profession of teachers.

Answer Sample

Although I have not yet reached the teacher’s podium, I have always aspired to become a teacher. I have the following views on the profession of a teacher:

First, the job of a teacher is to teach and educate people. As a teacher, you must be willing to be a ladder and a candle, and you must care for the healthy growth of students.

Secondly, the profession of a teacher has a distinctive demonstrative nature. There are dozens and hundreds of pairs of students staring at the teacher. No one is so demanding as a teacher. Therefore, teachers must pay attention to teaching by example and be exemplary.

Third, teachers have more exchanges with young people, which can keep one young.

Fourth, teachers are one of many professions, but the profession of teachers is of high social value, respected by everyone, and relatively stable. There are also winter and summer vacations, which can give us the opportunity to continue learning and improve our knowledge.

In short, I think the profession of a teacher is noble and full of dedication. If I can be lucky enough to be a member of it, I will do my best to teach and educate people, be a moral teacher, and be a demonstration of behaviour.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 7

What is your motto?

Answer Sample

My motto is what Comenius said: Teachers are the most glorious profession under the sun.

This sentence tells us that teachers are the first to make a selfless dedication and can illuminate students with their own brilliance like the sun;

Secondly, teachers are great, they should be respected, and they are the most glorious and admirable professions in the world.

This sentence has always inspired me to work hard to become a teacher, so I went to a normal university. When I graduated, as always, I chose to take the teacher recruitment exam. I hope that through my unremitting efforts, I can stand as soon as possible. On the podium, be a brilliant messenger who illuminates others.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 8

What are your expectations for wages and benefits?

Answer Sample

I have no hard requirements on salary because my personal requirements for material enjoyment in life are not high. Relatively speaking, I pay more attention to the richness of the spiritual world. Of course, the material foundation is also a necessary condition. I believe that your school must have An appropriate salary standard. If I am lucky enough to be able to apply for this position, I hope to realize my dream of being a teacher in this position.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 9

What do you think are the work materials for the teacher position?

Answer Sample

I think that the work materials of general teacher posts can be divided into two types at a macro level: one is teaching, which is to impart knowledge, and knowledge materials include basic subject knowledge and learning methods; the other is educating people, which is moral education. The specific information includes the basic principles of life, correct ethics, values ​​and outlook on life.

As a special group of teachers, the class teacher must have some class management work on the basis of ordinary teachers, including the construction of class culture and the construction of class masses. These work materials require teachers to have enough enthusiasm and patience to be able to complete them well.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 10

What books and magazines do you like to read?

Answer Sample

I like to read some educational books and magazines in my free time. One of my favourite books is “How are Talents Made” written by Teacher Wang Jinshan from the High School Attached to the National People’s University. Teacher Wang Jinshan vividly likens teachers to coaches, tour guides and Praiser. He said: “Teachers are coaches and must allow students to surpass themselves.

Teachers are tour guides, allowing students to move forward with more passion and motivation. Teachers are praisers, encourage students, and make students feel happy about progress and success.” This book told me the correct position as a teacher when I was at a loss, which benefited me a lot. The magazines I like to read include “Chinese Journal of Education and Teaching”, “Middle School Physics Teaching Reference”, “Reading and Writing”, etc. Reading these magazines allows me to update my knowledge from time to time and continuously improve my teaching thinking.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 11

What are the important benefits of being a teacher for realizing your life value?

Answer Sample

For the realization of the value of life, I have always believed that being able to burn myself and be a useful person to society is to realize the value of life. For the post of teacher, in my mind, the teacher is to teach and educate people, and become a stepping stone for the growth of young people and the cornerstone of social development. While dedicating, they also obtain the joy of success. Therefore, I think that the post of teacher has important benefits and functions for realizing my life value. It can meet my real needs for the realization of life value, and make my life useful and beneficial.

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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 12

What is the original meaning of “failure”? What do you think is your most failure?

Answer Sample

The original intent of failure is opposite to success. It refers to things that have not reached the original intent. If you look at this problem from a dialectical and unified point of view, failure is another kind of success, and failure is a necessary stage of success, which lays the foundation for the next success. Base.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 13

What are your requirements for campus?

Answer Sample

My wish is to become a teacher. As long as a campus can meet my wish, I don’t have many specific requirements for the campus. As long as I can teach with peace of mind and realize my self-worth, I am very satisfy. Of course, it would be better if the campus could have more book resources and team activities in addition to teaching activities. Book resources would allow me to keep learning, update my knowledge reserves, and keep up with the trend of the times; and team activities would allow me To better integrate into our teaching staff, learn from the rich teaching experience of old teachers, and absorb new

Teachers have fresh motivation, so as to better do their own teaching work.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 14

Why choose the profession of teachers

Answer Sample

The reason I chose this industry, first of all, this is my dream since childhood. My personality respects the teacher. When I was in middle school, I met a very good teacher. Her personality power affected my ideals in life in just one year. Therefore, when I was admitted to college, I chose the teacher major without hesitation. Determined to be an excellent teacher of the people. Secondly, I personally like to get along with children. I like the working environment and atmosphere on campus.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 15

What qualities do you think a good teacher should possess

Answer Sample

First of all, you must love your job and work, love and care about students, secondly, have a solid professional level and teaching potential, and also have a cheerful personality and good moral character. Because I also came from my student days, from the perspective of students, students like teachers who can respect students, understand and trust students, democratic and fair, knowledgeable, patient, sincere and trustworthy. They don’t like to be biased, treat students unequal, follow the book, are narrow-minded, and abuse teachers who punish students physically.

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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 16

Do you agree with the sentence “There are no unqualified students, only unqualified teachers”

Answer Sample

This sentence stems from the famous saying of the educator Mr. Chen Heqin, “There are no students who can’t teach well, only teachers who can’t teach.” I don’t fully agree with it. This sentence is too absolute. There are many reasons for unqualified students. Each student’s own conditions and living environment are completely different. Therefore, the teacher of unqualified students cannot be fully responsible. However, the teacher should never turn a blind eye to the poor qualifications and poor grades, and let them fend for themselves. When dealing with such students, the teacher should work hard to help the students find the reasons for the backwardness, usually care more, counsel more, and help the students get their grades as soon as possible. Catch up.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 17

What is your motto

Answer Sample

My motto is that only with hard work and hard work can there be autumn harvests.

Talk about your own personality characteristics, whether you are extroverted, introverted, whether you have a sense of humour.

I think that everyone’s personality is two-way, with an extrovert side and an introvert side, depending on the environment and the person they are dealing with.

I am relatively quiet, especially in front of the teacher, relatively introverted. In front of classmates and friends, she was very cheerful and lively. I think that I am quite a humorous person.

If I become a teacher, I hope that I will be serious in humour and humour in seriousness. Be friends with students, but you will also continue the necessary distance. The teacher is the teacher, and the friend is the friend.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 18

One of the guards did not pay attention to self-study at the end of the night and slipped out of the school to go online. After you learn about this situation, what measures are you going to take to deal with it?

Answer Sample

  1. As a teacher, find him in an appropriate way (without revealing his identity) and tell him: “It’s not safe to be late and I will accompany you, OK?”
  2. I think that the responsibilities of helping teachers should focus on educating and helping students. The students at this moment are very rebellious, and if the lesson is taught, it is likely to bring about the opposite effect. Being able to talk to him will make him feel guilty in his heart.
  3. Call the parents and ask them to come and talk tomorrow!
  4. At this moment, most of the owners of Internet cafes are driven by interests. If teachers go directly to find them, they may be infringed. Allow parents to find their children and then educate them.

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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 19

The parents of Zhang Qiang, the first-grader of junior high school, are divorced, far away from the social circle of classmates, like to be alone, unwilling to participate in mass activities, what flaws in his character, how can you help him to correct

Answer Sample

A: Personality defects: low self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, incompatibility.

B: I will take the following measures to help him correct:

  1. Individual meetings: Teachers often have individual interviews with Zhang Qiang to fully understand his psychological conditions and the psychological causes of problem behaviours, and jointly develop plans with Zhang Qiang to improve the current situation. Encourage more conversations with others: do what you need to talk about and if you have something to talk about. Do what you are interested in, talk to the teacher more, speak your own psychological words, and the teacher will work out with him a psychological plan to change your timidity.
  2. Contact with parents: through various methods such as home visits, phone calls, and parent-to-school interviews, to understand Zhang Qiang’s family status and performance, and to communicate ideas with parents and discuss solutions together.
  3. Writing an observation diary: Encourage Zhang Qiang to develop the habit of writing a diary frequently, to write down what he thinks and see every day, in addition to understanding Zhang Qiang’s whereabouts and thoughts as a reference for counseling, and encourage Zhang Qiang to frequently review his own Diary to enhance self-knowledge.
  4. Self-acceptance: Zhang Qiang is required to look in the mirror twice every day, carefully observe his appearance, gradually accept himself, and eliminate inferiority complex.
  5. Organize a variety of mass activities: arrange for Zhang Qiang to participate in mass activities, act as the necessary protagonist, and deepen friendship with classmates.
  6. Reading guidance: Introduce Zhang Qiang to various books that are useful to enhance self-understanding, enrich knowledge, communication skills, and enhance interpersonal relationships, and give patient guidance.
  7. Create opportunities to speak in class: In class, teachers guide him to answer questions and give him more opportunities to speak. As long as he makes a little progress, he will be given affirmation and performance in time to increase his confidence.
  8. Guide to make friends: The teacher introduces the classmates who are extroverted, active, and have good academic records to make friends with him, and ask them to talk to each other and discuss solutions to timidity.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 20

One day, a girl gave you a letter. The letter was written by a guy who liked this girl. How do you handle this as a class teacher

Answer Sample

  1. Cold treatment, no expansion.
  2. Tell the girls to deal with the matter indifferently, only if it has never happened.
  3. Tell the boys quietly: It is bitter to pick olives when they are not ripe. The sprouting of youth is normal, and the teacher can understand it. If you like someone, just bury her in your heart and don’t interfere with the normal life of others.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 21

What is the class culture? After you become the class teacher, how do you plan to build the class culture?

Answer Sample

Class culture refers to the sum of the common spirit, values ​​and codes of conduct within the class. Class culture includes two levels including hard culture and soft culture.

After I became a class teacher, I will construct the class culture from the following aspects:

(A) The construction of “hard culture”

  1. Pay attention to the hygiene of the classroom. Combination of scanning and guaranteeing
  2. Pay attention to the layout of the classroom.
  3. The walls on both sides can be pasted with some calligraphy, paintings, characters, etc. (selected by the students); the four corners of the classroom can be arranged as natural corners, technology corners, calligraphy corners, etc.; above the blackboard in the front of the classroom, a motto of the entire class can be selected; The retribution on the back of the blackboard is changed frequently, and the students themselves typeset and plan; set up a warm reminder bar (remind students to add clothing weather forecasts in time; tips on health care and prevention of seasonal infectious diseases; campus activities on the day; students on duty on the day, etc.) , Style display window (calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, photography, hand-made artworks created by students in this class; excellent handwritten newspapers, excellent literary works; display of the results of comprehensive practical activities, such as survey reports, experimental reports, interviews, small Inventions, small designs, small ideas, small ideas, tricks, glimpses of vacation life, etc.)
  4. Pay attention to the arrangement of seats. Change from “rice field type” to “horseshoe type”, “face type”, “group type”, etc.

(B) “Soft culture” construction creative class cultural activities

1. Carry out star establishment

Able to develop star-rated dormitories, star-level groups, star-level student establishment activities, students use their own brains, think of ways, self-raised funds, control standards, self-design, and launch competitions. It not only cultivates the potential of students’ brains and hands, but also cultivates students’ noble aesthetic taste, but also invisibly cultivates students’ sense of massism and sense of honor.

2. Build a class blog

In modern society, the Internet has passed through the homes of ordinary people. And blogs have become a window to publicize individuality and show self-demeanor. I will set up a “Full House of Sunshine” blog for the class, on which I will record the progress of the class and personal growth, issue discussion posts, follow-up posts… The blog has become a window to show the image of the class.

3. The class motto, class song and class badge of the “shareholding system”

Carry out activities to collect class training, class song, and class badge (class logo) in the class; find 10 reasons for each of class training, class song, and class badge. They are the real “shareholders” of the class motto, class song, and class emblem (class logo).

4. Polite bag

Polite bag: A plastic bag with the words “What you throw away is rubbish, what I picked up is quality”. Students hang them on one side of the desk in order to maintain indoor and outdoor cleaning.

5. Intimate mailbox

Intimate mailbox: In order to open up a green channel for teacher-student emotional communication, the class has a special intimate mailbox. Explicitly tell students: when they encounter difficulties in learning and need help from the teacher when they have any recommendations for class management and teaching when the teacher’s oversight or short-term mistakes cause harm to themselves when they encounter any small troubles in their growth and development, what are the psychological problems When you can’t solve it, and when you want to have a private talk with the teacher, you can quietly put letters and notes into the mailbox.

The teacher will choose the appropriate time and occasion to give you a satisfactory answer! The teacher is willing to be your close friend and accompany you through a perfect learning life!

6. Self-alert card

The self-alert card is a small card for self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-alert that is uniformly affixed to the corner of the student’s desk. The information on the card includes: own goals, competitors, motto, bad habits that need to be changed, etc.

7. Class hero seat

For example:- Every week, students vote, select two to three students who have made outstanding contributions to the class, and confer the title of class hero. The students on the list not only have to understand the sincere congratulations from the students in the class meeting, but also have to sit in the special seats for a week. “I am proud of my class this day, and tomorrow’s class will be proud of me” will surely become the common voice of the students.

8. Thanksgiving action

Let students learn to be grateful. Show filial piety to parents, show love to classmates, and show sincerity to society.

Use Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Teacher’s Day to carry out “Thank you, my father (mother, teacher)” special activities, by writing letters to parents and teachers, publishing special newspapers, etc. Express the selfless love of your parents that you enjoy in words. Use classmates’ “birthdays” to give a piece of love, give good words, and express gratitude.

9. Happy Diary (Dictionary)

25 happy diaries every week, review yourself and the phenomena around you every day, write the most prominent achievements and advantages, improve introspection and observation, adhere to 23 happy quotations every day, and appreciate beautiful sentences (paragraphs) Comment, encourage students to read more books, accumulate more knowledge, and continuously improve students’ aesthetic potential.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 22

In your opinion, what qualities do you need to be a good class teacher

Answer Sample

I think the quality of the class teacher can be summarized as the following aspects:

(1) Good ideological and moral qualities. Including: patriotism, noble personality, dedication, love and dedication.

(2) Abundant scientific and cultural qualities. Including: educational science knowledge, job professional knowledge, scientific and cultural knowledge.

(3) Strong potential quality. Including: innovation potential, organizational management potential, coordination potential, self-regulation potential.

In addition, it also includes: understanding and researching students’ potential, education and scientific research potential, autonomous learning potential, transforming underachievers potential, and organizing class mass activities potential.

(4) Healthy mental quality. Including: passionate and deep emotions, correct and lasting motives, broad and useful interests, hearty and steady character, prudent but not aloof temperament, tenacious and tenacious will.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 23

After the implementation of the new curriculum standards, what do you think of the changes in your teaching and what are the gains?

Answer Sample

After the implementation of the new curriculum standards, I feel that the following changes have taken place in my teaching

(1) Changes in teaching philosophy. Student-oriented, students are the masters of learning.

(2) The transformation of the teacher’s protagonist. Teachers have changed from “teachers” to promoters of “student learning”, from managers to guides, from condescending to “chief of equality”, creators of an open and harmonious classroom atmosphere.

(3) The transformation of teaching methods. The new curriculum advocates independent, cooperative, and inquiring learning methods. This is not only a reform of students’ learning methods, but also a reform of teaching methods. Teachers and students share results in exchanges and cooperation.

(4) Evaluation of changes in reflection. From the traditional single “point theory” to multiple evaluations that are conducive to the in-depth development of students.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 24

It is very important for a class to have a good class style and style of study. This requires the joint efforts of all class teachers. As a class teacher, how do you plan to unite the class as a teacher?

Answer Sample

First, take the initiative to contact the class teacher, assist the class teacher to deal with the problems that arise in teaching, and build understanding and trust

In front of class teachers, I want to be a student first. In the formulation of the class system, the selection of class leaders, and the organization of learning methods, I should try my best to seek the opinions of the class teachers, and seek the best plan based on the opinions of all parties. In the communication process, I was able not only to cleverly let the teacher grasp the class status, but also to understand some of the teacher’s ideas and practices, which laid the foundation for better cooperation. Moreover, through the active communication of the class teacher, the class teacher also understands my attitude and management methods as the class teacher. On the basis of a full understanding, the teacher will give us many valuable experiences and practices.

At the same time, we should also take the initiative to assist class teachers to deal with problems that arise in teaching. As for the teacher’s problems in their own class and in the subject, I should investigate and understand in a timely manner, master the first-hand materials, and assist the teacher in solving these problems. Through these, trust has been established with the teacher.

Second, establish a regular meeting mechanism to communicate the situation actively and actively to form an efficient education for the masses

In order to let the class teacher understand the students, we must actively introduce the class teacher to the class of the students’ status and existing problems, pay attention to listening to their views and opinions on the students, and promptly reflect the students’ opinions and requirements to the class teacher. I think there are three ways to communicate:

One is to deliberately find a class teacher, such as to his office, to understand the student’s staged academic performance and to discuss the student’s problems or to conduct a special discussion on the learning status of a student in that class;

The second is to deliberately find the teacher to chat with, such as on the way to work, and on the way to get off work, take the initiative to say hello, you can chat with students, you can also chat with the teacher, so as to narrow the distance with the teacher, and understand some of the teacher’s educational concepts and methods, in order to improve Good cooperation

The third is that all teachers gather together in January to talk about class management ideas and exchange different education and teaching methods for individual key students so that teachers can understand each other, and the education of students can be exchanged, forming an educational joint force.

Fourth, unify requirements in a coordinated manner, and help class teachers build prestige

The headteacher and the class teacher must coordinate and unify the requirements in the management process. Class teachers should understand the specific regulations and requirements of each subject; class teachers should also understand class regulations. Everyone consciously unifies the requirements and implements them;

In addition, as a class teacher, you may sometimes encounter individual students’ opinions and dissatisfaction with the teacher of a certain class. Then the class teacher must correctly guide the students to evaluate the class in two ways on the premise of maintaining the prestige of the class teacher. Teachers actively publicize the strengths and achievements of the teachers in the class, so that the students will have a sense of admiration for them. At the same time, it is necessary to help class teachers correct their deficiencies through appropriate methods in order to establish a good image among students.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 25

Student Li is more mischievous and often makes trouble. Parents were not very cooperative in his education. As a class teacher, what are you going to do to students?

Answer Sample

(1) After understanding what kind of life he likes, he makes the best use of the situation, “the one who knows is not as good as the good, and the good is not as good as the one who enjoys.” So as to gradually cultivate his interest in learning.

(2) Give full play to the power of the group and use the help of classmates.

(3) Try to discover its advantages, encourage them with heart, and let them have the joy of success in the group.

To parents

(1) First of all, we must understand why the parents do not cooperate, whether the parents love their children, or do not understand the teacher’s work, misunderstandings, or the parents’ literacy level. We must be good at observing and grasp his concerns, and then Introduce the topic, say more things he likes to hear, and he will gradually treat you as a friend in the future, and your work will be easier to carry out. Move it with affection, and know it with interest.

(2) Try to use three-in-one education, or ask people who have an influence on students’ parents or students to cooperate.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 26

What are the images of good headteachers (good teachers) in the minds of students

Answer Sample

First of all, a good headteacher in the minds of students should be a caring person. Of course, there are almost no people in this world who have absolutely no love, but those who truly love and know how to give love are even more commendable.

Secondly, the headteacher should be a considerate teacher, a good elder, and a good friend. At the very least, he will not punish or insult students physically. In his eyes, all students are equal, and there is no distinction between good students and poor students. He will respect students and treat them equally so that students can grow up healthily.

In addition, the most important thing is that he knows how to tolerate students, can forgive and tolerate students, and give students the opportunity to correct their mistakes. He knows how to care for students, to comfort students when they are frustrated, enlighten students when they are troubled, and help students when they are confused. In my opinion, a “successful” class teacher who has created a high enrollment rate is not necessarily a good class teacher.

Finally, as a class teacher, I think the most important thing is to have good management potential, make the class disciplined, have a good atmosphere, teach students the principles of life, healthy thinking and correct learning methods, so as to improve the overall quality of the class, Instead of just staring at the results.

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Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 27

How to organize and train the class masses

Answer Sample

First, we put forward a common goal, which can inspire students’ spirit, encourage students to move forward, and help achieve the goal of gathering the masses.

Secondly, when selecting and training class leaders, to organize the whole class, the class teacher should be good at discovering and cultivating dedicated members, selecting and training class leaders, and establishing the leadership core of the class masses. Let students learn the purpose of self-management and self-education.

Thirdly, cultivate correct mass public opinion and good class style. Correct mass public opinion and good class style will constitute a huge educational force, which has the effect of nurturing, infecting and restricting each member. Play a huge role in the process.

Fourth, strengthen the management of the discipline of the masses in the class. Good discipline in the class is conducive to better learning for students is the key to improving students’ academic performance, and can also make the masses and their members more perfect.

Fifth, organize a variety of educational activities. With mass activities, the student union will rejuvenate, broaden its horizons, increase knowledge, and promote the use of students’ talents, specialities, and mutual unity. It is indispensable for the class teacher to guide students to participate in or organize appropriate activity rooms.

The above are some methods for organizing and cultivating the masses. In actual work, some other methods can be used flexibly.

Dubai School Teacher Job Interview Question 28

How to be a good class teacher

Answer Sample

It is very important for primary school headteachers to deal with children between the ages of 6, 7 and 11, 12, and to manage the masses of the class well and to do the work of the headteacher well. I think we can start from the following aspects:

1. Get close to your children and establish prestige. In class, every student must be strictly required in the class, and after class, they must take the initiative to care for them like friends. Let them truly feel the closeness and love the teacher has for them.

2. Understand and care about students. Understand each student’s personality characteristics, interests and hobbies. Understand the personal living environment, grasp which are the intentional elements, which are the students whose personality needs attention and so on.

3. Formulate the rules and regulations of the class and the corresponding reward and punishment measures, so that students can clearly understand what can and cannot be done in their study and life.

4. right and wrong, concise and decisive. As a class teacher, you must be clear about right from wrong, kind but not soft, decisive in decision-making, and capable of doing things. Only in this way can you fully demonstrate the class teacher’s organizational and leadership skills and convince students.

5. Multi-party unity and joint management. It is impossible for a class teacher to succeed in education by relying on his own prestige and strength. He must strive for the consistent requirements and attitudes of his class teachers and parents to students, and exchange opinions with them from time to time. It is necessary to fully mobilize the intentions of the parents and cooperate with the campus to educate the children well so that the work of the headteacher can be more smooth.



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