Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar

Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar
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Find the Valuable Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar

Here are the Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar prepared for you with the help of professionals involved in the hiring process from Doha, Qatar. These are the Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers which are asked most often by the Hr professionals in Qatar.

Interview question 1. Salary you expect

Answer Hint: Some employers usually set budgets for the positions they are applying for in advance, so their first price is often the highest price they can give. They just want to verify whether the money is enough to cause Your interest in the job. If your salary requirements are too low, it obviously degrades your potential; if your salary requirements are too high, it will appear that you are too heavy and the company cannot afford it.

Answer sample 1: I have no hard and fast requirements on salary. I believe that your company will be friendly and reasonable in handling my problems. I focus on finding the right job opportunities, so as long as the conditions are fair, I don’t account for too much.

Answer sample 2: I have been trained in systematic software programming, and I don’t need much training, and I am also interested in programming personality. Therefore, I hope that the company can give me a reasonable salary according to my situation and the level of market standards.

Answer sample 3: If you must tell the specific number yourself, please don’t say a broad range, then you will only get the minimum number. It is best to give a specific number to prove that you have conducted a survey of today’s talent market and understand the value of employees with academic qualifications like yourself.

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Interview question 2. What do you think about working overtime?

Answer Hint: In fact, many companies ask this question, not to prove that you have to work overtime, just to test whether you are willing to contribute to the company.

Answer sample: If the job requires me, I will be obliged to work overtime. I am single at the moment, without any family burden, and I can devote myself to work wholeheartedly. But at the same time, I will also improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime.

Interview question 3. How much do you know about our company

Answer Hint: Check the company’s main business online before going to the company for an interview. Such as the answer: Your company intends to change its strategy and strengthen OEM cooperation with large foreign manufacturers, and part of its own brand is through overseas distributors.

Interview question 4. What will you do if you disagree with the superiors’ opinions

Answer Hint:

① Generally, it is possible to answer “I will give the superiors necessary explanations and reminders. In this situation, I will obey the superiors’ opinions.”

②If the interviewer is the general manager, and the position you are applying for is another manager who was not present at the time, you can answer like this: “For non-principle questions, I will obey the opinions of superiors. Regarding the interests of the company I hope to reflect this to higher-level leaders.”

Analysis: The standard answer to this question is thinking ①, if you use the answer ②, you will undoubtedly die. You haven’t figured out the internal situation of the company. First, you want to make a small report. No one like this dares to ask for it.

Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar

Interview question 5. You lack work experience, how can you be competent for this job

Answer Hint:

① If the recruiting unit raises this question for the applicants of the graduates, it means that the recruiting company does not really care about “experience”. The key depends on how the applicants answer.

②The answer to this question should best reflect the sincerity, tact, courage and dedication of the applicant.

③For example, “As a fresh graduate, there is indeed a lack of work experience. Therefore, during my studies, I have always used various opportunities to do part-time jobs in this industry. I also found that actual work is far more knowledgeable and complicated than books.

But. I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning potential, and I am more diligent, so I can successfully complete various tasks in part-time jobs, and the experience gained from it has also benefited me a lot. Please rest assured that your company, the school has learned and Part-time work experience requires me to be qualified for this position.”

Comment: The answer to this question is acceptable. It is better to highlight one’s hardship potential and adaptability and learning potential (not academic performance).

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Interview question 6. What was the reason for your resignation from the previous company

Answer Hint:

①The most important thing is: the applicant should make the recruiting unit believe that the “reason for leaving” of the applicant in the past unit does not exist in this recruiting unit.

② Avoid overly detailed and specific “reasons for resignation”.

③Do not mix with subjective negative feelings, such as “too hard”, “complex interpersonal relationships”, “management is too chaotic”, “the company does not value talents”, “the company rejects our employees of XX”, etc.

④But they cannot dodge or evade, such as “want to change the environment”, “personal reasons”, etc.

⑤Do not involve your own negative personality characteristics, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of responsibility, uneasiness, etc.

⑥Try to make the reasons explained to add colour to the applicant’s personal image.

⑦Related example: For example, “I left because this company closed down; I have worked in the company for more than three years and have deep feelings; since last year, due to sudden changes in the market situation, the company’s situation has taken a turn for the worse; at this point, I think I’m sorry, but I have to deal with the display and look for a stage where I can realize my potential.” There is not only one answer to the same interview question, and the same answer is not effective in any interview situation.

The key is that the candidate has mastered the rules. Grasp the specific situation of the interview, consciously try to figure out the psychological background of the interviewer’s questions, and then follow suit.

Analysis: Unless the salary is too low, or the initial job, do not use salary as a reason. “Seeking development” has also been heard too much by examiners. The reason for resignation should be designed according to each person’s true resignation reason, but the answer must be sincere. When I really can’t think of it, I can say that my family is out of town because there is something at home and I have to take a few months of leave, and the company can’t get a leave, so I resign. This answer is generally understandable by interviewers.

Interview Question 7. If you are not hired in this interview, how do you plan

Answer Hint: The society at this moment is a competitive society. This can also be seen from this interview. There must be advantages and disadvantages if there is competition, and there must be a failure if there is a success. It is often successful. There are many difficulties and setbacks behind it. If you fail this time, it is only one time. Only through the accumulation of experience can you create complete success.

I will view this failure correctly from the following aspects:

①We must dare to deal with this failure, not be discouraged in dealing with this failure, understand the reality that we will not look back after this opportunity has been lost, and reflect our psychological will and spirit. Resistance to failure. Have self-confidence and believe that you must be able to surpass yourself through hard work after experiencing this time.

② Be good at the reflection, and conscientiously sum up the interview experience, think and analyze, and be able to find gaps from your own perspective. Treat yourself correctly, evaluate yourself realistically, treat your strengths and weaknesses dialectically, and be a sensible person.

③Get out of the shadows and overcome the psychological pressure caused by this failure, always keep in mind your weaknesses, take preventive measures, strengthen your study, and improve your own quality.

④ Work hard. After returning to the original unit, you must work hard and steadfastly, and strive to achieve the required results in this position.

⑤It has always been my dream to make persistent efforts and become a national civil servant. If I have the opportunity in the future, I will still participate in the competition again.

Interview Question 8. How to arrange your own time and how do you think about working overtime

Answer Hint: Basically, if the work is efficient and the workload is reasonable, there should be less need for overtime. But I also understand that sometimes it is difficult to avoid working overtime, and at the moment the work is based on the responsibility system, so I will allocate my time and cooperate fully.

Analysis: Although no one will work overtime willingly, they still have to show sincerity with a high degree of cooperation.

Interview Question 9. Why do we choose you among the many interviewees?

Answer Hint: Based on my understanding of your company, as well as my accumulated expertise, experience and contacts in this job, I believe it is the talent your company is looking for. In terms of work attitude and EQ, I also have a mellow and mature side, and I can cooperate happily with supervisors and colleagues.

Analysis: Don’t overly boast about your potential, or write cheques arbitrarily, such as how much business must be brought to the company. This can easily give people a sense of boasting and unrealistic.

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Interview question 10. You did not graduate from a prestigious college

Answer Hint: Whether you graduated from a prestigious university is not important, what is important is that you have the potential to complete the job you gave me. I understand the vocational training of Peking University Jade Bird, and the skills I have are fully qualified for your company’s work at the moment, and I am better than some famous brands The hands-on potential of fresh graduates from colleges and universities is even stronger. I think I am more suitable for this position in your company.

Interview Question 11 – Do you have any questions?

Answer Hint: This question of the enterprise seems dispensable, but it is actually very important. The enterprise does not like people who say “no problem” because it pays much attention to the personality and innovation potential of employees. Companies don’t like job seekers to ask questions about personal benefits. If someone asks: Does your company have any training programs for new employees, can I participate, or what kind of promotion mechanism your company’s promotion mechanism is like? , Because it reflects your enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to the company and you are self-motivated.

Interview Question 12 – What do you think should be done if you make a mistake in your job and cause economic losses to the company?

Answer Hint:

① My original intention is to work hard for the company. If economic losses are caused, I think the first problem is to find ways to make up for or recover the economic losses. If I have no potential to be responsible, I expect the unit to help solve it.

② Separate responsibilities and take responsibility for each. If it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; if it is someone else’s mistake in the team I am responsible for, I can’t take pleasure in the misfortune. As a team, we need to support each other to complete the work, comfort colleagues and help. Colleagues find out the reasons and sum up their experience.

③Summarize experience and lessons. It is impossible for a person to make mistakes in his life. The important thing is to learn from one’s own or others’ mistakes and to avoid similar mistakes in future work. Review your own working methods and analyze whether the depth and strength of the problem are not enough, which leads to mistakes that can be avoided.

Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers in Qatar

Interview Question 13 – You have difficulty getting along with colleagues and bosses at work, what should you do

Answer Hint:

① I will obey the leader’s command and cooperate with the work of my colleagues.

②I will find the reasons for myself, and carefully analyze whether my bad work makes the leader dissatisfied and colleagues can’t bear it. We also need to see if we are not doing a good job in dealing with others. If this is the case, I will try to correct it.

③If I can’t find the reason, I will find an opportunity to communicate with them, ask them to point out my shortcomings, and correct them in time.

④As an excellent employee, you should always focus on the overall situation. Even if the leaders and colleagues do not understand me for a period of time, I will do my job well and learn from them humbly. I believe that they will see me working hard. , Will smile at me someday.

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Interview Question 14 – What can you bring to our company (or: what can you do for us)

Answer Hint:

①If you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their expenses-“I have understood that Peking University Jade Bird has been trained for the past two years and will be able to work immediately.”

②The company really wants to understand what future employees can do for the company. The job seeker should repeat his own advantages again and say: “As far as my potential is concerned, I can be an excellent employee to fulfill his potential in the organization and bring high levels to the organization. Efficiency and more benefits”.

Companies like job seekers to prove their potential in the positions they apply for. For example, when applying for positions in marketing, they can say: “I can develop a lot of new customers, and at the same time, I can provide more comprehensive and thoughtful services to old customers and develop old customers. New demand and consumption.” And so on.

Interview question 15 – Talk about your family

Answer Hint: Asking family questions during the interview is not about understanding the job applicant’s family status and exploring confidentiality. Companies do not like to explore personal confidentiality, but to understand the shaping and influence of family background on job applicants. The focus of what companies expect to hear is also the intentional influence of the family on job applicants.

What companies like to hear most is: I love my family very much, and my family has always been very harmonious. Although my father and mother are ordinary people, since I was a child, I have seen that my father is greedy for the dark and has a hardworking personality every day.

His actions virtually cultivated my serious and responsible attitude and hardworking spirit. My mother is kind, enthusiastic and helpful, so she is very popular in the unit, and hear every word and deed has always taught me the principles of life. Companies believe that harmonious family relationships have a subtle influence on a person’s growth.

In short, the interview is inseparable. The key is to grasp the essentials. When answering, you must be able to stand on the company’s standpoint and express your own advantages from the perspective of the company’s needs. Just like the common interview questions in this article And as suggested in the answer. This will greatly increase the chance of success in the interview.


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