The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview

The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview
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The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview

“When preparing for an interview, everyone must prepare in advance what questions the employer will ask. We can’t determine what questions the employer will ask, but you can prepare a few common behavioral interview questions first, and prepare how to discuss them first. Because the average HR supervisor, if he has received professional training, basically adopts the STAR principle and the CAR principle to interview job candidates. Other common interview forms include briefings, group interviews, and role-playing. We will start this article first. Do not discuss.”

Every interviewer is different, and the questions they will ask are also different. Basically, large companies will have their own question banks, but there must be some that are common to various positions, so as long as you can interview for these common interviews Questions are ready with answers, and you can market yourself with beautiful architecture.

This article will consolidate some of the most common interview questions, as well as tips on what interviewers are looking for in your answers, as well as suggested directions for answering. As long as you can master it after reading it, you can basically conquer 90% After the interview, there are interview questions for specific companies, and you can also talk about the experience of searching for seniors in the interview experience.

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1. Introduce yourself ( introduce yourself)

The trick:

Often the interviewer will start by asking you questions about yourself and your background to get to know you first. You can start with an overview of your current role or activity, and then share some of the most important and relevant content from your background that highlights you as the best person for the role.


2. Why do you want to work here? ( Application motivation)

TIP: The interviewer will basically ask this question to see if you have taken the time to learn about the company, if you can’t come up with any insight you will be out, the best way to prepare is to spend a day before the interview Time to do your homework and get to know the company’s executives, products, customers, past history, culture, values. I have an exclusive secret of my own. I will definitely read the company’s official website. If it is a listed company, you can refer to the CSR Report! There will be detailed company information to read here. Please memorize important information before the interview.

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3. Why are you leaving your current job? ( Reason for resignation)

Tips: This is a question that must be asked if you have work experience. The reason for asking this question is to understand why you want to change jobs. After you join our company in the future, will you speak ill of us when you leave? Without an employer, it is not appropriate to mention the shortcomings of the previous position. Instead, the focus should be on convincing future employers and what you want from the next position. For example the phased tasks have been completed, and you can say that you hope to join the new company in the future to accept more challenges.

The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview

4. What are your strengths?

Tips: This question, you can answer a core competency or soft power. When answering this question, you can also share your own abilities and personal characteristics, and then find out the relationship with the job you are applying for, and then market yourself as the most suitable person.

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5. What is your biggest weakness?

Tips: This should be the most difficult question to answer in the interview. Usually, there is a question that asks you to name three strengths and weaknesses, and the weaknesses. Do not mention a negative personality trait, such as: lazy and careless personality! There are also People will be smart, put gold on their faces, and say they are perfectionists. It’s a better way to say a harmless advantage. I would say that I work more rigorously, and the people I work with will be more stressed, but I will try to tell myself not to be so pressing, please remember to talk about it at the beginning. Weaknesses, then say what you’ve done to improve them so you can turn things around in a positive way.

6. What are your goals for the future?

Tip: Interview supervisors usually ask this question or ask you about your five-year plan to judge whether you plan to stay in this company for a long time. Of course, through this question, you can also understand your career aspirations and ambitions. Don’t say anything It will threaten the goal of the supervisor, for example, I want to be promoted to manager xx in a few years, or I hope that I can be promoted quickly. My previous supervisor was very sensitive to this kind of answer. It is recommended to be able to lead new people and pass on experience. , responsible for large-scale professional and other answers.

The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview

7. Can you describe a difficult work situation and how you overcome it?

Tips: This question is usually a business-like question. It is used to evaluate your ability to withstand pressure and problem-solving. You can think of a story about a hero turning over, and even deliberately deepen the difficulties of the work situation at the time, which will make it easier for you to win.

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8. What is your expected salary range? ( expected treatment)

Tip: The interviewer asks this question to make sure that your expected salary is in line with the budget that the employer can give you.

If the salary range you offer is much lower or higher than the market price of the position, it will make the employer feel that you don’t know how much you are worth. Don’t offer too low a salary at the beginning. The chance of salary adjustment after joining the job will be better than that during the interview. Three times harder. Said that according to the company’s regulations, they will definitely be treated as leeks! They will only get the minimum salary.

You can search for the information of this position on the 1111 salary scale , or ask the head hunter , first understand where the general salary range of this position falls, and offer a higher price within the salary range. Usually, the human resources in Taiwan are very unfavorable for the laborers to delay the quotation. Now they will ask for the expected salary on the application form. I would suggest that if you don’t want to be out of the game because of too expensive, you can write the current salary and discuss it in person. When interviewing for negotiation, remember to ask the HR manager about the budget range for the position first, and say that you are flexible about the outcome of your salary.

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9. Tell us about your work experience

Tips: The interviewer has basically understood your background before the interview, and has seen your resume before deciding to interview you. Basically, you will be invited for an interview, just because you think you have the opportunity to be qualified for this position, you must confirm your resume What you write is truly in line with your ability, so ask in-depth what you have done in the past, you should summarize your past contributions and achievements, make good use of the STAR principle, tell a good story for 2-3 minutes, and add at the end Why you want to join this company, don’t read your autobiography.

The 10 most difficult questions to be asked in the interview

10. Do you have any questions? ( interview questions)

TIP: This is one of the most important questions in the interview process. Usually, this question is at the end of the interview. It is very important that you ask questions that will help you understand the company and whether you are suitable for the position. Questions, such as: the company’s org chart, future development, executive style, company culture, etc., can help you understand the details of the company.




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