14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers

14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers
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14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers

For job seekers who want to apply for sales positions, in order to pass the Sales interview better, not only should they enhance their ability to cope with Sales interviews, and master corresponding interview skills, but also need to understand the precautions during a Sales interview. Today, I will share with you 14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers and the interview skills and precautions you need to know when applying for a sales position. Let’s take a look!

1. Please briefly introduce yourself?

This question is about figuring out two things: some meaningful background information about the candidate and the candidate’s ability to organize that background information into presentations appropriate to the specific situation.

By examining the strategies candidates use to describe their experiences, interviewers can see the strategies candidates can use when describing the company’s products vividly.

Exaggeration, mistakes, or garrulous retelling of past events that have nothing to do with current work is dangerous information. Job seekers should be careful to avoid.

2. Why did you decide to apply for this sales job in our company?

In response to this problem, employers do not want job seekers to stare blankly and shrug their shoulders, and then say vaguely: “You advertise in the newspaper, and I will apply.”

Businesses want to find evidence that candidates have a basic understanding of: What does the company you’re applying for do? Who are you selling to? Why is it a professional challenge to sell your company’s products or services to those people? When answering, try to express your inner passion for the job of selling.

3. Do you have any previous work experience in sales?

I think the essence of the interviewer asking this is to know what type of person you are doing. If you have frequently changed jobs before, don’t list them all. You can list one or two work experiences that you can speak of, and extend the working hours appropriately. The whole process should be in the form of data.

4. Why did you choose to sell? What appeals to you about sales? give specific reasons

From my point of view, sales can best train a person, and it can also change a person in a short period of time. I don’t like a ten-year life. I like to change my life through sales.

From the perspective of a company, sales is the economic lifeline of a company, and the most obvious reason for a company to develop greatly is how much the company can sell. Only by selling more can the company make more money. to feed our employees.

5. Have you ever had a disagreement with your manager or boss?

It is not appropriate to say “no” to this question, because disagreements are inevitable at work.

Candidates can start by explaining that people don’t always get along well with others, without disagreements, and know how to discuss, negotiate, and how to get out of work conflict.

A bad answer is to ask implicitly or bluntly what you’ve done wrong, ultimately blaming the manager or boss for the fault of the disagreement.

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6. Tell me a business that no one else believed you could do but you did.

Experienced salespeople will have at least five or six such cases. For this question, candidates should focus on the experience and perseverance of anti-interference and overcoming difficulties, as well as the way of thinking.

7. If you had the opportunity to redo things, how would your approach be different?

This question is looking at whether you have the ability to take a step back and think over and over when different approaches might yield better results.

Whether a salesperson is an ambitious rookie or a seasoned veteran, it’s unlikely to become what we imagine it to be without learning from things like a bad sales meeting or a customer call that didn’t get answered in a timely manner Excellent salesperson.

14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers

8. What would you do if you had two million?

A question that looks at a candidate’s planning can’t answer things like buying a house or a car. A person with a brain will always regard investment as the greatest joy, showing that an applicant is a person with a plan.

But don’t be flamboyant, like starting a company right away, being so aggressive can create distrust.

9. How much do you know about our product line and our customer base?

Such questions also attract more attention during interviews, so before preparing for Sales interview, candidates must first have an overall understanding of the company they intend to enter and come prepared.

10. In your previous job, what methods did you use to develop and maintain existing clients?

Each person has a different way of maintaining customers. You can treat customers as friends. Don’t always think that there is only a business relationship with customers so that you can maintain a better relationship with customers.

In answering this question, candidates can tell the interviewer some examples of good relationships they have had with clients, rather than empty words.

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11. If the customer encounters problems in the process of using our products, and the customer insists on returning or replacing the product, what will you do? Why?

First patiently listen to the problems encountered by the customer, and then accompany the customer to the company’s after-sales to understand the situation. If the situation is true, the operation will be carried out according to the company’s regulations or the content of the contract at that time.

12. If the sales task set for you is very large and the time to complete the task is very short, what method do you use to ensure that the sales target is achieved?

This question is rather sharp, it depends on whether the candidate has the ability to adapt to the situation. In fact, the task is large and the time is short. It is a problem that sales staff often encounter.

Candidates can tell the interviewer that they will quantify the tasks, calculate how much work should be done every day, and then do it strictly according to the plan. Planned work is the greatest guarantee of success.

13. What is your favourite and least favourite thing about selling? Why?

Candidates answering this question should focus on “what is the most important job in sales” and “what sales can’t do”.

Reference answer: I like business negotiation with customers the most, because it is conducive to self-improvement, and communicating with different people is equivalent to learning from different people; the least favourite is the appearance of “partners” in the team who leave with resources, because it will make the sales work very passive, and will make the company lose some trust in our team.

14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers

14. Can you tell me, what skills you think you have that will allow you to sell well?

There are two similarly good answers to this question:

One, “I’m the type of person who can sell anywhere, including this company.” Remember, be confident, and need examples.

Second, “Based on what I’ve learned about your company, I think I can do well here, and I’m very confident about it. However, I don’t know enough about the job to take the liberty of Let me tell you a concrete reason why I have achieved remarkable results. Frankly, there are many things I don’t know, can I ask you a few questions about this job?”

On a very common and sound basis, employers sometimes prefer to hire someone who has the guts to ask questions and who doesn’t mind correcting his mistakes.

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Interview skills and precautions you need to know when applying for a sales position

01. Sales interview skills and precautions

In the preparation stage, one thing to pay attention to is “self-evaluation”. For this interview question, job seekers must prepare well in advance and summarize their advantages concisely and clearly.

02. Sales interview skills and precautions

First impressions are important. Salespersons have requirements on grooming, whether hairstyles and clothes are neat, and whether hair and beards have been trimmed. These are all aspects that job seekers need to check on themselves. To prepare for the interview before the interview, neat and neat attire will at least not make the examiner hate you, and secondly, if you can inadvertently show the good quality of the salesperson, you will be favoured by the other party, but don’t deliberately Of. In terms of clothing, the details should be handled well, such as hair, nails, accessories, etc. should be clean and fresh, showing a good impression of a capable spirit.

03. Sales interview skills and precautions

Pay attention to the details of interview etiquette During the sales interview process, job seekers should pay attention to mastering some important Sales interview etiquette. When talking with the examiner, the attitude should be neither humble nor arrogant, the voice is clear and loud, and at the same time, take the initiative to attack.

04. Sales interview skills and precautions

Don’t be nervous. Many times, people who have never been in sales will be nervous during an Sales interview. Nervousness often comes from a lack of self-confidence. If your sales experience is not very rich, in the interview process, you can show more of your strong desire to learn and improve. An excellent salesperson’s personal cultivation and connotation are also very important. Not having done sales is not a bad thing, because as long as you have the potential, then after training and personal efforts, you can also become a very good salesperson.

If you feel nervous before the interview, you can adjust it according to the following methods: try to relax your whole body before the interview; use deep breathing to keep calm during the sales interview, or use psychological cues to relax, such as saying “I’m relaxed” in your mind, I will do my best.” Only by relaxing can you accurately grasp the questions the examiner wants to ask and the way you answer them. Remember to be relaxed, calm and confident, this will not only leave a good impression on the examiner but also help keep your mind clear and quick-thinking. The answers you make in this state are the most satisfying to the examiner.

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05. Sales interview skills and precautions

A concise and focused self-introduction is the opening remarks of the interview, and it is also a summary of your previous work during the interview. At this time, the interviewer mainly examines your language ability and personal summary ability. Salespeople live by their mouths and their minds, and a complete statement of their experience can add to your interview.

Job seekers must pay attention when answering, the content should be consistent with the resume. When you really “introduce yourself”, you might as well present yourself frankly and confidently, focusing on the advantages that match the position you are applying for. Your relevant abilities and qualities are the most interesting information for enterprises. Therefore, in many cases, when listening to your introduction, the examiner will also seize the points of interest and inquire deeply. Therefore, when making presentations, we should strive to be based on the truth, take into account the logic and orderliness of the expression, and avoid long and unfocused narratives. Such a professional and outstanding performance will definitely make the examiners appreciate it.

14 Commonly Asked Sales Interview Questions and Answers

06. Sales interview skills and precautions

On-the-spot responsiveness in an interview is very important. During a Sales interview, the ability of job-seekers to react on the spot is very important. Interviewing for a sales position is the most fearful of the cold field. For the questions raised by the interviewer, you should immediately start to think positively. If you can’t think of a better answer for a while, you can tell the examiner sincerely, as long as you ask it, the examiner will feel your sincerity. Using the time gained, job seekers can quickly search for relevant answers in their minds. Even if your answers are not perfect, your responsiveness in answering questions must be recognized by the interviewer.

07. Sales interview skills and precautions seven

Pay attention to the use of body language. Many times, our body language reflects our emotions. If we are not confident, we will be afraid to make eye contact with others when we are in contact with the interviewer, and the signal from our body will be: We do not want to communicate with others. Our confidence increases if we change our body language, sit with our backs upright, shoulders back, and start making eye contact with others to make them sound more assertive.

In an interview, in addition to your appearance and language, body and tone of voice play a very important role in the success or failure of the interview. Body language and tone of voice are the most impressive in an interview. Every move, every move, this is your body language. Here are a few little things to keep in mind during an interview—listen carefully, smile, speak carefully, answer succinctly, and have a positive outlook.

Seeing this, the resume book has shared the interview skills and precautions that salesmen need to know for sales positions today. I hope it will help you!


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