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Excelsior is a customized Chief Hunt, HR, The board and Enlistment consultancy, work in various areas.

Job Vacancy – Sales Manager / Business Development Manager – United Arab Emirates / UAE

EXCELSIORGROUP – United Arab Emirates / UAE

  • Experience:- As Described Below
  • Job Location:- United Arab Emirates / UAE
  • Education:- Relevant Qualifications
  • Nationality:- Any Nationality
  • Gender:- Male / Female
  • Number of Vacant Positions:- Not Mentioned
  • Salary:- As mentioned below
  • Job Type:- Permanent


Excelsior is a customized Chief Hunt, HR, The board and Enlistment consultancy, work in various areas.

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Sales Manager / Business Development Manager – Job Description

Employment: Full Time


* To participate and provide support to create and implement Short & Long term Sales strategies and plans in line with the organisational mission and vision.
* To monitor market trends continuously to identify the business opportunities in order to enhance revenue on sales, client satisfaction and to provide suitable recommendations to management.
* To identify the business improvement opportunities and coordinate internally with Client Account Manager to expand the business operations.
* To act as a single point of contact to clients providing end-to-end sales solutions through effective coordination internally within and externally with all the applicable parties.


* Sales strategies and plans.
* Periodical updates on market trends.
* Growth on number of countries and Agents.
* Timely communicate ensuring potential & existing client satisfaction


* To identify potential customers, negotiate as per price guidelines given and ensure maximisation of profits and business opportunities.
* To regularly visit existing accounts validating our service levels and develop new revenue streams.
* To regularly visit the clients in order to providing invoices and to collect the due payments and handover the same to Finance Dept.
* To regularly liaise with clients, respond to their queries and to ensure their maximum satisfaction level on services.
* To have excellent client management and build a strong referral process and leverage on existing client relationships to attract other large clients.
* To internally coordinate with Client Account Management function and ensure quotations and proposals are sent on time and timely follow-up in order to win the business contract.
* To timely update all the business sales details from the beginning till end into FRESA system to enable to extract the necessary client updates.
* To internally coordinate with all applicable parties, provide key recommendations and timely escalations to management


* Number of new clients been identified.
* No of visits made to client. All clients having approved credit limits.
* 80% of the payments collected on (or) before due date.
* 80% satisfaction rate.
* No of new clients through referral process.
* New business achievement.
* Expansion of Agent networks
* Whole documentation process
* through FRESA.
* Timely and effective internal coordination and raise flag to
* Management on any potential risks.


* To coordinate internally with the relevant stakeholders in order to reconcile and to maintain the record of sales and customer information.
* To submit regular weekly / monthly MIS reports and present to management along with the recommendations as applicable.
* To internally coordinate with Accounts, Transportation, C & F, PRO, Customer Service section to ensure that smooth services are provided to clients.
* To provide the necessary support to internal team members in order to extend effective and efficient services to clients.


* Timely reconciliation and updated client records in place
* Weekly report: Every Monday
* Monthly report: Every 20th.
* Effective coordination and timely actions.
* Effective internal coordination, effective teamwork and timely support.


* Working Environment
* Travel to meet clients.
* Contacts :
* Internal : All departments
* External: Vendors / Clients
* Decision Making :
* Recommend policies and procedures. Provide recommendation to Management

Sales Manager / Business Development Manager – Job Requirement



* Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Operations Management. Knowledge and experience in Ms office,
* Logistics Management software is preferred. Hindi & Arabic spoken language preferred.


* Strategic understanding, Teamwork, Analytic, Interpersonal Communication, Time Management, Organising, FRESA software, MS office.


* 3 years experience in Freight Forwarding Sales.

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