Work in Germany 2023

Work in Germany 2023
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Work in Germany 2023. Important information for all those wishing to immigrate to Germany through legal methods

Work in Germany 2023. March brings us updates regarding immigration and work in Germany. As it will become easier to immigrate to Germany legally for those wishing to work in Germany, especially workers who have the skills needed by the German labour market.

A question will come to your mind, dear reader, about whether this article belongs to you and whether you are classified within this category of skilled workers.

Therefore, we will answer this question before we proceed to explain how to apply for a German visa.

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Who are the skilled workers and do these developments concern me?

The German government will classify you as a skilled worker if you are a professional with a recognized academic degree or a recognized professional qualification that requires at least two years of vocational training in Germany.

Before applying for a visa to work in Germany 2023, you will have to obtain official recognition of your professional qualifications from the relevant German authorities in your country.

An exception is made for ICT professionals with sufficient professional experience.

Information on how to obtain recognition for professional experience:

To find out the steps that should be followed in order to obtain recognition from the German authorities of your competence. Here is what you should do:

  • Go to the following website:
  • If you are still not very fluent in German, switch the site to your preferred language
  • You will find a search engine on the first page, write your field of work, for example:- engineer, professor.

Then you will get all the information you will need for this step.

And you, dear reader, should pay attention to this process carefully because of its importance and make the necessary arrangements early because it takes a long time. 

Once you have received recognition of your professional qualifications, you can request a visa to work in Germany according to your skills and field of work.

In the event that your skills are partially recognized. The authorities will grant you a visa on the condition that you complete the training in Germany, and we will explain this in detail

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6 opportunities for skilled workers from Arab countries to work in Germany in 2023:

Before requesting a visa from the German consulate in your country, you must review the following 6 cases that we will explain

Work in Germany Work in Germany 2023
Work in Germany

1. Skilled workers with vocational training background:

As already mentioned, this type of workers must have sufficient experience in their field of specialization.

Therefore, if you are one of those who have completed their vocational training and wish to immigrate and work in Germany, you must collect the necessary documents to request the German government’s recognition of your competence.

You should also, dear reader, search for a job offer in your field of specialization in Germany

After that, you will be eligible to apply for a work visa in Germany 2023.

2. Status of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals without formal qualifications

In this case, the German government can attract competencies in this field even if the worker does not have an official certificate and even if he is not subject to formal training.

If you are in this category, you will have to prove your experience in the field of information and communications. Where your work experience should not be less than three years.

After that, you should look for a job in Germany in your field with a salary of at least 49,680 euros annually.

It will also be necessary to acquire language skill in German “level B1”.

After that, you will be able to request a work visa in Germany, and your chances of obtaining it will be great.

3. The status of academic and non-academic job seekers:

If you are one of those who obtained a university degree or a vocational training certificate in your field of specialization. You can apply for a 6-month visa to look for work.


  • Have a good level of German with proof of that
  • Sufficient financial means to support yourself for the duration of your stay.

Here is a complete list of the German embassy locations in your country where you will submit your visa application and their websites

Addresses of German embassies and consulates .

4. Status of high school graduates seeking vocational training in Germany:

If you are one of those who graduated from high school and your age is not more than 25 years and are looking for vocational training.

Here are the conditions for obtaining a six-month visa to search for work in Germany:

  • That your high school diploma allows you to study at a university.
  • Be proficient in the German language at an advanced level (level B1).
  • That you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself by creating a closed bank account.

Information about the closed bank account:

  • The value of the money you must have in your closed bank account for the year 2021 is set at 10,236 euros
  • You can also withdraw specific amounts that should not be exceeded monthly
  • For students, the amount should not exceed 720 euros
  • It is also not necessary to withdraw from your closed account
  • It is only proof and guarantees for the German government that you are able to cover your living expenses.

5. Entry status for the purpose of additional training and qualification in order to obtain full recognition of professional qualifications

As mentioned at the beginning of the article. There are cases in which your visa application is approved without your professional competence being recognized.

This is what is called partial recognition. Which entitles you to complete your vocational training in Germany.

It also enables you to work in Germany, in multiple fields.

In order to apply for a visa in this case, you must inform the German authorities that you will need additional training.

It is also necessary that you have obtained a specific offer from an employer in Germany or a training body for additional training

6. Status of healthcare and health professionals:

If you are a skilled worker in the field of care and health, there are several easy ways to work in Germany in this field in particular.

German Federal Employment Agency is authorized, to conclude agreements with the competent authorities in other countries.

Therefore, it is possible to submit a visa application to Germany after you have collected the necessary documents to recognize your competence and your certificate in your field of specialization.

Information on how to get a diploma recognized by the German authorities:

All the information you will need about the recognition of graduation certificates will be found on this website. Which is also browsable in Arabic

To view the site, click on the link below

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Where can I learn German?

In every city and in any country, there are multiple centers that allow you to learn the German language and take charge of the process of passing the German language level exams

You can obtain sufficient information from the German embassy in your country.

For more information, see this link

Learn German

Additional important links for those interested in studying and working in Germany in 2023:

Information about studying and working in Germany

Information about job offers in Germany


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